Indonesia Encourages ILO to Improve Workers’ Migration Management

Geneva, Switzerland: Indonesia encourages the International Labor Organization (ILO) to improve the management of workers migration globally. This was confirmed by the Director General for Industrial Relations and Social Security Development, Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia, Haiyani Rumondang, in a statement before the 331st session of Governing Body (GB) of ILO in Geneva, Switzerland (7/11).

"Fair and effective labor migration management is essential to ensure the protection of migrant workers' rights. Since the protection of migrant workers is a priority issue for Indonesia, the Government of Indonesia will continue supporting global efforts, including strengthening the role of the ILO, in improving the management of labor migration at various levels," stated Haiyani Rumondang in the presence of the Director-General of the ILO and all member states, and entrepreneurs of GB ILO member.​

Haiyani Rumondang added that Indonesia supports the ILO's initiative to increase technical assistance to member countries in developing skills for migrant workers to be aligned with global job market demand. She also emphasized that Indonesia has also developed various training programs to improve the skills and competence of Indonesian migrant workers conducted by 281 training centers in various regions of Indonesia.

"In this meeting GB has approved the ILO's Action Plan for Effective and Fair Labor Migration Management. The Action Plan is a follow-up to the resolution adopted at the International Labor Conference (ILC) meeting in June 2017 and will be implemented in the next five years," said Ambassador Hasan Kleib, Permanent Representative of Indonesia to the UN, WTO and other Organization International in Geneva.

Ambassador Hasan Kleib also added that in the implementation of the Action Plan, the ILO plans to develop an ILOSTAT database on labor migration in different regions by referring to the model that has been developed by the ILO in ASEAN. This is in line with the GoI's efforts to continue developing an integrated migrant worker database to improve the protection of Indonesian migrant workers.

Migrant worker management is one of the key issues discussed at the 331st GB ILO session meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland, October 30, 2017 - November 9, 2017. GB is the executive body of the ILO comprising 56 countries in which Indonesia is currently serving as Deputy Member and having the mandate to decide on ILO policies, budgets and programs. (Source: Indonesia Permanent Mission in Geneva)