Grouper Net-Cage Attracted the Interest of IORA Member Countries


Situbondo, East Java: Grouper fish breeding in Floating Net Cage (KJA) was a of major interest  for the participants from IORA member countries in the Workshop on Marine Aquaculture and Fish Health Management, 22-27 November 2017 in Situbondo. The participants conducted direct observation and learned how to breeding grouper in the high seas. In addition to grouper, the KJA visited also developed commodities of snapper and pomfret.

KJA was the location of grouper hatchery for further breeding. During the breeding, the most important thing to note was the density level of fish in each net cage. KJA was not only owned by Brackish Water Aquaculture Center (BBAP) Situbondo, even a lot of communities are breeding grouper using this method. This community-owned net cage was the one visited by the workshop participants. Some participants also ordered grouper fry​ to be bred in their respective countries.

In addition to the visit to KJA, the participants visited Pacific Harvest, one of the fish canning companies in Banyuwangi. This company was one of the largest canning factories and has been producing canned fish for various brands from all over the world. The workshop participants were so enthusiastic knowing the business relationship of the canning company with their country. Sardine raw materials were imported from Oman, India, Pakistan, China and Japan. Meanwhile, the exports were directed to West African, East African countries including Mozambique and Europe.

The Workshop on Marine Aquaculture and Fish Health Management was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries in order to implement the IORA Action Plan. A total of 17 participants from IORA member countries attended this program. In addition to visiting KJA, participants also conducted interactive discussions, laboratory practices related to fish health and visited grouper hatchery center managed by the community. (Dit. KSIA Aspasaf)