Discussing Indonesian Program Over Morning Tea at Claremont College

Sydney, 28 November 2018: As the year is rapidly coming to an end, the Principal of Claremont College in Randwick, Doug Thomas and Indonesian Language Teacher, Jill Shoebridge invited representatives from the Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney, Hermanus Dimara and Joanne Hajjar to a morning tea to touch base on their school’s year of Indonesian related activities, as well as plans for next year. The two deputy principals, Larissa Cameron and Janelle Ford, as well as four members of Conversation@Claremont – a group consisting of 5 Indonesian mums of children at the school, who volunteer during Mrs. Shoebridge’s Indonesian classes, were also present for the morning tea.

“I am very happy to announce that next year, due to the closing of the Japanese language class in Kindergarten and Year 1, Indonesian will increase its classes from Years 2 – 6, to Years K – 6 and become the sole language offered at Claremont College”, explained Principal Thomas.

Claremont College is one of 55 primary and high schools across NSW that teach Indonesian language. It was first introduced to Claremont around 7 years ago and was up until now, taught two days a week as a compulsory subject for students from Year 2 – 6. As of 2019, Indonesian language will be taught to students right through K – 6, three days a week by Mrs. Shoebridge and her volunteers from Conversations@Claremont.

“The Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney is very grateful of your ongoing support of the teaching and learning of Indonesian language at Claremont College" said Mr. Dimara during the morning tea. “On that note, we are very pleased to announce there are two potential schools in Jakarta that are interested to form a sister school with Claremont, under the umbrella of the Jakarta-NSW provincial-state cooperation” Mr. Dimara announced.

Claremont College has expressed a strong desire to form a sister-school with a primary school in Indonesia ever since a proposed plan with a primary school in Bali fell through a few years ago. Now that the Consulate has sourced two potentials schools in Jakarta, the next step will be for Claremont to make direct contact with them both and decide which school is the best fit for the partnership. (Team Media (JH)/Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney)