Africa and Middle East Countries Completed Fisheries Training in Ambon

Ambon: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) officially closed the training in the field of fisheries followed by 12 countries of Africa and the Middle East at Education and Training Center (BPPP), Ambon on Monday morning, July 24, 2017 local time.


The training officially opened on July 17, 2017 was followed by 14 participants from Djibouti, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Mauritania, Egypt, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan, Zimbabwe and Algeria.


During their stay in Ambon, the participants had been given material and got the opportunity to practice directly the environmentally friendly fishing gear such as bubu traps and floating net cages (KJA), marine product processing techniques developed in Indonesia and the development and cultivation of ornamental fish.


Director of Technical Cooperation, M. Syarif Alatas, who represented the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to close the training program, said that as a developing country, Indonesia can contribute through the provision of capacity building assistance to other developing countries within the South-South Cooperation framework. Since the 1980s, Indonesia has implemented such capacity building programs for many countries around the world.


The fishery sector is a priority of the Indonesia Government and becomes one of the leading capacity building programs. Indonesia will continue to develop technology in the field of sustainable fisheries. Through this training, Indonesia wants to share knowledge and experience in fisheries management that is expected to be useful and applicable in the countries of African and Middle Eastern participants.


In particular for Africa and the Middle East, by 2016 there have been 160 capacity building programs in various fields for more than 1300 participants. It is expected that the participation of African and Middle Eastern participants will be able to further promote the development of networks among fellow participants of different countries with Indonesia and also the knowledge gained can be applied in their respective countries.


In the future, the Government of Indonesia will continuously commit to provide capacity building assistance for Africa and Middle East countries in the areas of their needs and in line with the national interests of the Republic of Indonesia. (Source: Directorate of Technical Cooperation)