ASEAN Young Diplomats Develop Digital Diplomacy Capabilities


Jakarta: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continuously supports the achievement of the ASEAN Community Vision 2025 through among others programs that can help achieve a people-oriented ASEAN Community with higher quality of life.

One of the programs offered is the 9th Capacity Building on the Development of ASEAN Community which will take place in Jakarta and North Sumatra on 6 - 15 November 2017.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn from diplomats, academics and practitioners who will share knowledge about how the digital world such as social media is an important tool to help diplomacy work in the real-time era of information like today.

The choice of Digital Diplomacy theme is solely considered that the rapid development of information technology should be utilized in order to support ASEAN Community more dynamic and strong.​

Besides, it was also realized the importance of capacity building and the quality of young diplomats considering the role of ASEAN young generation as the spearhead of ASEAN diplomacy in the International Fora. Increasing the role of ASEAN needs to start from the young diplomats who qualified and have a capable capacity.

This was stated by the Director of Foreign Service School Spica Tutuhatunewa (Monday, 6/11) when opening the 9th Capacity Building on the Development of ASEAN Community in Education and Training Center.

This activity is an annual program of Education and Training Center, Ministry of Foreign Affairs which has been implemented since 2009 and this time is held with the theme "the Importance of Digital Diplomacy for ASEAN's Integration".

The participants are 13 young diplomats from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Timor Leste and Indonesia. The opening ceremony was also attended by representatives from the Laos Embassy and Timor Leste Embassy and the Directorate General of ASEAN Cooperation. (Source: Pusdiklat)