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  • Una Historia de Indonesia en La Taza de Café

    24 May 2018

    Buenos Aires, Argentina - Me dirigí a la parte antigua de Palermo, un barrio localizado en el corazón de Buenos Aires, Argentina. También conocido como “Palermo Viejo", este barrio es el hogar de varios restaurantes y cafeterías. En la esquina de Thames y Nicaragua, hay una pequeña y pintoresca cafetería llamada LattenTe. Escuché mucho sobre este lugar a través de los testimonios de sus felices clientes ¡Finalmente llegó la hora de conocerlo! Selengkapnya

  • An Indonesia's Story in A Cup of Coffee

    24 May 2018

    Buenos Aires, Argentina - I made my way to the old part of Palermo neighborhood in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Often called as Palermo Viejo, this neighborhood is home for various restaurants and cafés. In the corner of Thames y Nicaragua, I found a small quaint coffee shop named LattenTe, I heard about this place from many reviews and testimony from their happy customers. It's time to try :) Selengkapnya

  • Indonesian Designers Steal the Show on Panorama Beauty Contest

    24 May 2018

    Six Indonesian designers steal the show of the attendees and honored guests on the opening of Panorama Beauty Contest 2018. The endless applause was heard in Budapest's Millennium Center building (19/​5). By the invitation from Panorama Világklub, Indonesian Embassy in Budapest successfully bring Indonesian 6 famous fashion designers work such as Itang, Yunaz, Poppy Karim, Handy Hartono, Batik Chic by Novita Yunusz, Artina Batik, Khannan and 1 bag work, WarnaTasku to Budapest. Selengkapnya

  • Here comes the Indonesian coffee in Stockholm

    13 May 2018

    Stockholm, Sweden - Who doesn't recognise Indonesian arabica coffee like Bali Kintamani, Java Preanger, Malabar, Flores, Toraja, Aceh Gayo, Mandailing, Lintong and Papua. The richness of coffee species makes Indonesia often dubbed as “Coffee Paradise". The nickname was given during an exhibition of the “Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA)" in Seattle, USA, last year. Indonesia deserves the title because it has 39 variants of the best specialty coffee from all over Indonesia. The world's third-largest producer of coffee and fourth-largest exporter. Almost 100 genetic varieties of Arabica. A total of 748 spoken languages. Yes, we are talking about Indonesia. Selengkapnya

  • Indonesia Takes Home 4 Gold Medals at The Robogames 2018 Competition in the United States

    03 May 2018

    Robotics team from UNIKOM (Universitas Komunikasi), Bandung represented Indonesia in the Robogames 2018 robotics competition that took place at the Alameda County Fair, Pleasanton, California on April 27-29, 2018 Selengkapnya

  • Indonesia, Kuwait, and World Muslim Scholars Discussing Wasatiyat Islam in Bogor

    02 May 2018

    The President of the Republic of Iindonesia officially opened the High Level Consultation of World Muslim Scholars on Wasatiyat Islam in Bogor, West Java (1/5). Lasting until 3 May 2018, the meeting will see the participation of leading muslim clerics and scholars, including H.E. Dr. Abdullah M. Al-Matouq, Advisor at the Diwan Al-Amiri. Selengkapnya

  • Indonesia Promotes the Role of Journalism and Digital Diplomacy in Houston, Texas

    30 Apr 2018

    Indonesia echoes the role of journalism and digital diplomacy in Indonesia at the Symposium on Journalism in University of Houston Texas, Thursday (26/4). The symposium which initiated by Dr. Temple Northup, Director of Jack Valenti School of Communication UH supported by Indonesian Consulate General in Houston. Symposium was featuring the speakers: Consul General Dr. Nana Yuliana,Mrs. Janet Steele, American journalist and Indonesian talented journalists and academicians fromIndonesia, China, India, Malaysia and USA.Around 100 Visitors from university, journalist andpeople of Houston attended the symposium with the theme Journalism in Asia: Current Trends & Challenges in UH Alumni Center. Selengkapnya

  • Jember Fashion Carnaval Rocks Karachi

    30 Apr 2018

    With Garuda as its costume, the Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC) gave stunning performances during the 15th My Karachi: Oasis of Harmony, from 20-22 April 2018. Selengkapnya

  • Indonesia Won Gold and Bronze Medal in ICYS 2018

    27 Apr 2018

    Indonesia Team of Center for Young Scientists (team of Indonesia) won medals in the 25th International Conference for Young Scientists (ICYS), held in Belgrade, Serbia (19-25/4). Selengkapnya

  • The Festive Indonesian Pavilion in My Karachi 2018

    27 Apr 2018

    12 stalls adorned by the West Sumatera's Rumah Gadang roof, with West Java style gate decorated with Balinese umbrellas, with writings of “Welcome to Indonesia" greeted every visitor. The Garuda symbol and “Wonderful Indonesia" visible in every corner of the stalls. The 3x5 metres video screen playing all kinds of videos promoting Indonesia. Selengkapnya

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