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  • Reog Ponorogo and Indonesian Fashion Street Enliven the 81st Anniv Davao City

    20 Mar 2018

    On March 16, 2018 Davao City, Philippines held a City Parade in celebrating the 81st anniversary of Davao City. The parade was attended by 302 organizations, including the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Davao City. Selengkapnya

  • #BaliSafe Cultural Festival 2018 in the Hague

    19 Mar 2018

    In Sunday (18/3), the Balinese community in the Netherlands and other European countries celebrated the #BaliSafe Culltural Festival 2018 - while also marking the Nyepi (Day of Silence) and Saraswati (Day of Knowledge) which were celebrated the day before. The activity begins with a ceremonial communal prayer, and Dharma Wacana sermon by Wayan Sulestra who conveyed the meaning of Nyepi as self-restraint through the implementation of Chatur Brata. Selengkapnya

  • OYTW Participants Touring Sydney’s Iconic Buildings, Experiencing More about Australia

    19 Mar 2018

    Starting bright and early (16/3), the Indonesian Outstanding Youth of the World students, accompanied by the Consul for Social and Culture, Zani Murnia, from the Indonesian Consulate General in Sydney and two staff, went on a 9:30am tour of the NSW Parliament House. This tour provided the students with a different cultural experience, by allowing them the opportunity to view the inside workings of a historic Australian Parliament building. They were joined by the leaders and some members of the Abrahamic Youth Dialogue Association, who consist of Australian Muslims, Christians and Jews. Selengkapnya

  • Batik Workshop Sparks Great Interest in the Participants

    19 Mar 2018

    The Indonesian Women Association (IWA) hosted a lovely Coffee Morning on March 16, 2018. The Coffee Morning this time was more than special because as it brought the guests an opportunity to understand and get exposure to the Indonesia's diverse culture and its philosophical, cultural and historical values through its signature and most famous Indonesian textile which is called Batik. Selengkapnya

  • Sales Mission Enhances Cooperation Between Indonesian and German Tourism Industries

    15 Mar 2018

    With the support from the Indonesian Consulate General in Frankfurt, an Indonesian Sales Mission on Tourism in promoting Bali and other regions of Indonesia was held on 13 March 2018 in Frankfurt. The event which has conducted by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, in cooperation with the Bali Regional Tourism Promotion Agency, and Visit Indonesia Tourism Office (VITO) in Germany, was a success in bringing together 11 tourism industries from Indonesia with 32 business people from 14 travel agents and tour operators based in Frankfurt and its surroundings. Selengkapnya

  • Darwin Plays Important Role as Gateway to Sail into Indonesia

    13 Mar 2018

    onsul Dicky Soerjanatamihardja acknowledged the important roles of Sailing Communities in Darwin to connect Australian Yachters to Indonesian marine tourism. He stated it at the Marine Tourism promotion night at Tiperrary Marina on Saturday (10/3). Selengkapnya

  • William Wongso Spiced Texas Up with Indonesian Rendang

    13 Mar 2018

    In Texas, they have a finest quality steak, while Indonesia has a rich spicy beef, called Rendang. The taste of Indonesian Rendang was brought by Chef William Wongso, a culinary expert from Indonesia. On a breeze Sunday evening (11/3), around 100 guests from businessman, professionals and fellow Indonesians in Houston enjoying the “Experience the Richness of Indonesian Foods and Cooking Demo with Chef William Wongso" organized by Indonesian American Chamber of Commerce Southeastern Central USA in collaboration with Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia. Selengkapnya

  • Indonesia’s Angklung Enlivened Harmony Day at the Spot Festival

    13 Mar 2018

    Contributing to celebrations for the upcoming 'Harmony Day' by Randwick Council, members of the Indonesian community in Sydney livened up the festival by performing the Indonesian musical instrument “Angklung", as a way to promote Indonesian culture to the public, Sunday (11/3). Selengkapnya

  • Evaluation of Indonesian Liaison Officers and Teachers of Basic Knowledge on Indonesia

    12 Mar 2018

    On March 3-4, 2018, the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia organized a meeting to evaluate the Indonesian Liaison Officers (Penghubung) and teachers on Basic Knowledge of Indonesia (Pamong) at Green Leaf Hotel, General Santos City. Selengkapnya

  • Peacekeepers: High Hopes from the Communities and Great Expectations from the World

    09 Mar 2018

    Wednesday (7/3) was a special day for peace loving nations in Stockholm. Indonesia, Brazil, Ethiopia and Sweden alongside SIPRI had a very constructive discussion on the preparation of a Seminar entitled: “Peacekeeping reform: making UN peace operations more fit for purpose”. This Seminar will be commenced in Stockholm, April 13, 2018. Selengkapnya

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