Young Indonesian Diplomats Ready to Promote Papua’s Raja Ampat Internationally

One day following the 8th visit of President Jokowi to Papua to inaugurate various acceleration development projects, the Young Diplomats of the 58th Staff School for Foreign Duty of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Sesdilu 58) visited Raja Ampat district in West Papua Province on 11 - 14 May 2017.

In accordance to the new Indonesian diplomacy paradigm that requires the diplomats to become Indonesian marketers, the visits were conducted to identify and explore the potential investment and tourism advantages of the Raja Ampat region that can be promoted overseas.

Raja Ampat comprises of 1,847 islands, home to 70% of the world's reef population, various reef fish species, mollusks, turtles and manta rays, as well as 258 species of birds including Red Cendrawasih and Bald-head Cendrawasih.

Raja Ampat's marine and terrestrial biodiversity and beauty has become a tourist magnet, especially for divers, and part of the Coral Triangle Initiative, as well as, for bird watchers, tourists, researchers, and nature lovers. That's why the specific tourism sectors such as marine-related, environmentally friendly and adventurous, have much potential that continues to be developed by the Government of Raja Ampat to attract tourists, both foreign and domestic.

From the four largest islands in Raja Ampat, namely Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta, and Misool, the district government is currently focusing on the development of access facilities and supporting infrastructure of tourism sector in Waigeo Island. It hasalso  planned development on Misool Island in the near future.

So far the largest investors in tourism sector in Raja Ampat are Switzerland and several other European countries. In a dialogue with Sesdilu 58 diplomats, Raja Ampat government represented by Assistant II of Economy, Head of Regional Development Agency and Head of Tourism Office, hoped for the cooperation and support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to assist the promotion of Raja Ampat to potential investors abroad and attract foreign tourists.

The visit of the 58th Sesdilu Diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Raja Ampat was part of efforts to strengthen the promotion to support the Economic Diplomacy especially marine tourism (Source: Pusdiklat / UPT Sesdilu)