Diplomacy Must Utilize Online Media to Widen Reach

The rapid advancement in information and communications technology has changed the needs of society towards information. The demand for quick and up-to-date news has increased. This dynamic certainly impacted the diplomatic world.


Diplomacy must adapt in order to be able to work within the reality of the development and modernity of technology and information. The diplomats must also adapt to changes that require them to be alert and react quickly.


This development underlies the drive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to continue developing diplomats skills in writing. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Centre for Education and Training (Pusdiklat Kemlu) held a special session themed Characteristics and Strategies in Writing Online News for The 58th batch of the Mid-career Diplomatic Training Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Sesdilu), Jakarta (13/3). This session discussed utilizing online media for diplomacy.


According to the Chief Editor of detik.com, Iin Yumiyanti, there are 5 characteristics of ideal news in online media, which are: being effective and not being excessive; being significant so that the public wants to know; focus on writing that is limited and firm; presenting the latest idea or news; and being spirited so that the news can put the information in the right perspective.


She added that the mastery of the five ideal elements can be a valuable provision for the diplomats to present aquick and accurate news to the public related to the official duties, both during the domestic and overseas duties.


“Since the online media newsmakers are required to provide news quickly, they must be able to multitask. Besides being able to get and compile news, they must also be able to take photos and videos that can support the news. This is what I called as 3-in-1 journalism,” she added.


Lin also explained that online media is required to build dynamic and continuous communication with readers, which means that online media should be careful in creating a features that allow an interactive relationship between the managers and readers, as well as among the readers. In addition, the online media display should also be updated continuously and bring more variety and images.


Although creating online news is done as quickly as possible, the editing process is not ignored. It is needed to maintain the quality and accuracy of the news.


Online media continues to flourish in the country. Until now, the number of Indonesian online media totals approximately 3.000 media, 267 of which have been registered and 77 others verified by the Press Council. The rise of online media development is caused by news consumers who have limited time so that they need real-time news. (Source: Pusdiklat/Yo2k)