AEC Opens Job opportunities in ASEAN

"We need a mindset change in responding to the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)" said Director of ASEAN Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ade Petranto in his opening speech at Policy Recommendations Submission event held at Grand Preanger Hotel, Bandung May 16 2017. "The mindset change is from AEC as a threat to AEC as an opportunity or from how we can compete to what do we need to prepare in order to be able to compete" He continued.

The Policy Recommendations Submission event with theme of "Utilization of Indonesia Demographical Dividend in ASEAN Economic Community 2025" was held by the cooperation between Directorate of ASEAN Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the ASEAN Study Centre of Pasundan University.

Delivering Bandung Governor Speech's, Bandung's Assistant for Economic and Development, Iming Ahmad delivered a keynote speech in the event attended by more than 130 participants from multiple backgrounds such as university students and representatives of labour association in Bandung. In his speech, it was said among others his hope that this event could produce innovative policy recommendations so that the demographic dividend we have can make Indonesian labor more upper hand in the future. For such purposes, Bandung government have created policy which support the entrepreneurship creation and pushed capacity development for worker which is expected to be value added for Indonesian qualified human resources.

Pasundan University Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Eddy Jusuf Sp, MSi, MKom also said that this demographical bonus is an excellent opportunity for Indonesia to benefit from AEC because one of the strengths we have is the population size. However he said, to be able to compete, there should be capacity and competency development which will become the duty of University. With the capacity development, AEC through MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement) will automatically be a bigger job opportunity.

Speakers who attended the event besides Director of ASEAN Cooperation were Prof. Benyamin Haris from Pasundan University and Megawati Santoso, Phd, Vice president of Task Force ASEAN Qualification Reference Framework (AQRF).

The goal of this activity as mentioned by Ade Petranto was to increase the understanding of Bandung academics, labor associations, and other stakeholders towards AEC and MRA so the demographical bonus of Indonesia can be a valued added in AEC 2025. In addition, it was also intended to gather suggestions from stakeholders and society to capitalize Indonesian interest in the AEC. It is important to put the society in the centre of constructive and sustainable discourse as manifestation of "ASEAN for People". (Source: Directorate of ASEAN Cooperation/Informed).