World Conference on Creative Economy Produces Bali Agenda for Creative Economy

Bali: Minister for Foreign Affairs, Retno LP Marsudi, and Chairman of the Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy (Bekraf), Triawan Munaf, officially opened the first World Conference on Creative Economy (WCCE) in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia (7/11).

Initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy  (Bekraf), WCCE is the first of its kind. A conference on creative economy that gathers all related stakeholders of creative economy, including

A total of 1,500 participants were present at the Conference. The collaboration of the creative economy's penta-helix (Academics, Business, Community, Government and Media) is an important key in the WCCE as an effort to connect multi-dimensional elements and creative economic stakeholders.

"As Minister of Foreign Affairs, the three top priorities that I always have in mind… first: cooperation, second: cooperation and third: cooperation. WCCE is a moment to share ideas… to collaborate… to nurture the development of global creative economy." said FM Marsudi.

The Conference produced an outcome document entitled “Bali Agenda for Creative Economy". The document contains commitments and aspirations of the participants of the Conference, among others the establishment of the Center of Excellence for Creative Economy. The Center of Excellence will be located in Indnonesia and functions as a platform for creative economic penta-helix from around the world to connect ideas, resources, information, and business concepts.

"In this era of globalization and advanced technology, the creative industry has become a game changer. As one of the most dynamic sectors, creative economy contributes significantly to the economic growth in many countries," said the Chairman of Bekraf, Triawan Munaf.

For Indonesia, the creative economy sector has contributed more than 7.4% of Indonesia's GDP. The creative economy industry has absorbed nearly 17 million workers, 14% of the total workforce, and more than 54% of creative economy workers are women.

Go-Jek, Traveloka, Tokopedia and Buka Lapak are Indonesian startups with Unicorn status, or companies that have assets worth one billion US dollars or more. Experts on Creative Economy has predicted that Indonesia will produce more unicorns in the future.

In the WCCE 2018, several Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) were also signed, both on a national and international scale. It is hoped that this signing will strengthen more inclusive collaboration between all penta-helix to encourage greater access to creative economic sectors in various regions in Indonesia at a global level.

The Indonesian government believes that it is important for creative economy to have global attention as many in the country believe that Creative Economy is one of most effective tools which can help countries meet their many of commitments under the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

The results of the WCCE 2018 will be a landmark in mainstreaming creative economic issues in the multilateral realm towards the plan to propose a draft resolution on world creative economy, which has entered the era of 4.0, at the UN General Assembly in the future.

WCCE is recognized as an attractive global platform for the creative economy industry. The attended participant's countries applaud Indonesia's initiative to held the WCCE event. On this occasion, the United Arab Emirates proposed to host the next WCCE event which is planned to be held on 2020.