Visiting Penang and Johor Bahru RI Ministry of Foreign Affairs Improves Protection and Services for Indonesian Citizens

Wednesday, 15th March 2017

Spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Arrmanatha Nasir, held press briefing on Wednesday afternoon at Palapa Room, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RI (15/3). In this press briefing, the spokesman of MoFA discussed FM Marsudi's 3-day-visit to Penang and Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi, visits Penang and Johor Bahru to meet and have dialogue with Indonesian citizens in both states of Malaysia. The visit of FM Marsudi was aimed to strengthen the protection and service for Indonesian citizens in other countries, especially in the main centers of Indonesian migrant workers. Today, more than 1,4 million Indonesian citizens are recorded to officially live in Malaysia.

Penang and Johor Bahru are two states that have a quite big number of Indonesian citizens, at least there are around 80,000 Indonesian citizens in Penang and 347,000 Indonesian citizens in Johor Bahru. Most of the Indonesian workers in Malaysia are working in the oil palm plantation and manufacture industry sectors.

In this opportunity, FM Marsudi, with the team of Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia was directly meeting the Indonesian migrant workers at their workplaces, which are at the field of Pelam KLK, Kedan and Plexus Riverside, a dense technology industry in Penang, Malaysia. FM Marsudi, was meeting the companies' managers and reiterating the importance of the Indonesian migrant workers' protection to companies.

The Indonesian migrant workers were sharing their story when they are working in the neighbor country, most of them are successful because they applied the documents legally and worked according to the regulation and provision, so then they got an adequate protection from the company where they are working. However, the big number of illegal Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia has caused many employment problems, such as unpaid wage, persecution, immigration violations, and human trafficking issue which are quite alarming.

FM Marsudi was making sure that the country will be there for Indonesian citizens wherever they are, there are 3 main strategies which always become the foundation of Indonesian citizens' protection, which are (i) preventive action, (ii) early detection and (iii) immediate response. Due to that reason, many efforts have been done by the Indonesian Missions all over the globe to strengthen the citizens' services to the Indonesian citizens, including Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia of Penang and Johor Bahru that have innovated to improve the consular service system and passport service to be more effective and efficient.

FM Marsudi, along with Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia team were socializing the newly improved consular services for the Indonesian citizens in Malaysia. FM Marsudi emphasized that Indonesian Missions are home for the Indonesian citizens in abroad, in where all employees will always ready to assist Indonesian citizen.​