Strengthening Multilateral Cooperation to Lessen the World’s Tension

Buenos Aires, 1 December 2018: ​At the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1/12), Indonesian Vice President Yusuf Kala emphasized before the G20 Heads of State and Leaders of International Organisations to return back to the shared commitment in realization a strong multilateral partnership. Indonesia has the same view with most other G20 countries wishing for a world conducive to improve the overall development growth.

“Sustainable development and climate changes are two global issues that are closely related and that need to be addressed simultaneously," explained Jusuf Kala who was appointed as the lead speaker with the theme “Building Consensus".

The G20 Summit that ended on 1 December 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentine, has succeeded in agreeing to a Declaration (G20 Leaders' Declaration Building Consensus for Fair and Sustainable Development).  This Declaration is the result of a tough and intensive marathon of negotiations since one week ago conducted by the team of Sherpa and G20 finance-track negotiators.

The declaration that could finally be towards before the end of the summit contained important issues that require joint action on a global level.

The important issues were among  others international trade that could influence global economic growth,  multilateral cooperation basing on rules-based international order, a stable international financial system, addressing the problem of migration and refugees, climate change, agricultural and energy endurance, economic digitalisation that can support equitable development and financial inclusion,  up to issues related to anti-corruption  handling, and efforts to stop the flow of funding related to terrorism as well as other crimes.

Indonesia is successful to include in the declaration issues that were of its interest and priority, among others development of financial innovation through business models with economic digitalisation and the issue of renewable energy references.

“Indonesia encourages the G20 countries to strengthen our partnerships in mobilising the private sector investment; innovation; and transfer of technology", said the Vice President in his intervention in the final series of the G20 Summit with the theme “Embracing the Opportunities".

The end of the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires marked the end of the 2018 Argentine Presidency.  The next G20 leadership in 2019 will transfer to Japan.

G20 is a forum for cooperation of the world's major economies that collectively represent 85% of world GDP, 78% of global trade and 2/3 of the world's population.  G20 comprises 19 countries (the United States, South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Canada, Japan, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, South Korea, Mexico, France, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and 1 Regional Group (the European Union).