Simulation of Fire Prevention and Control at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

As the embodiment by Regional Regulation (Perda) Number 8 of 2008 about Fire Prevention and Control, Jakarta Provincial Governor Regulation Number 143 of 2016 about Building  Fire Safety Management and Environment  Fire Safety Management. Today, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia implement socialization and simulation of fire prevention and control, including evacuating employees/Staff.

This socialization and simulation activity are conducted routinely every year which followed by Building Fire Safety Management (MKKG) Team and the employees/staff at MoFA’s area. The last activity was held in December 2016 by engaging MKKG team and employees/staff at PWNI/BHI Building. The different of this simulation activity is because it conducted evacuation for the employees by using ropes and stretcher during the emergency situation.

This socialization of fire prevention and control activities have been first held on April 11, 2017, by inviting speakers from the Department of Fire and Rescue Service of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. Followed by the implementation of simulation and evacuation which held on April 17, 2017.

By conducting this activity, it is expected that MKKG Team and the employees/staff at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order to get knowledge and can actively participate by using prevention and fire-lighting techniques with burnout facilities including the way how to use fire extinguisher and first-aid equipment (P3K). (Source: General Bureau/Information and Media).