If the Mt Agung Eruption Occurs, Bali Still a Safe Travel Destination


Denpasar, Bali: Bali Tourism Board (BTB) through Media Center Bali Tourism Hospitality convinced the world that should the eruption of Mount Agung occurs, 98 percent of destinations in Bali are still safe to visit.

"According to the information of BNPB (National Disaster Management Authority), 98 percent of the tourist areas in Bali are safe in case of Mount Agung eruption," said Dewa Gede Ngurah Byomantara, the Head of 3rd Division of Bali Tourism Hospitality during a press conference at the Bali Tourism Board Building, Renon, Tuesday (10/10).

He said that if the mount eruption occurs, there were only 2 percent of tourist objects affected; those were Besakih and Tulamben as well as Tirta Gangga.

"While Kuta, Ubud and Nusa Dua are far away from the location of Mount Agung," he said.

Dewa Gede Ngurah said that until now the area outside 12 kilometers of the Mount Agung crater was assured included in the safe category.

"Well, we cooperate with Bali Government Tourism Office and other components to be able to provide explanations regarding Mount Agung and its impact," he said.

Currently his party has prepared three steps to mitigate the eruption of Mount Agung; the first is the alert phase that is the time of mount eruption. His party shall anticipate the fake news and perform counter to the true report.

Further is the second step that is the eruption phase. His party is doing efforts so that the tourist may still stay in comfort and providing free stay and evacuation at the airport that has been prepared.

The last phase is performing tourism recovery in 2018. (Source and photo: public relations bureau of the Provincial Government of Bali/balipuspanews)​