RI Interested to Invest in Afghanistan’s Mining Sector

Kabul, Afghanistan: Ambassador Arief Rachman MD discussed  potentials of the mining industry in Afghanistan with the Ministry of Mining of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Negris Nehan in Wisma Duta Indonesian Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan (15/7).

"We discussed  the interest of Indonesia to explore the possibility to invest in the  mining industry in Afghanistan," said Ambassador Arief in the meeting which was also attended by the President's Advisor in Economic Affairs, Head of General Election Commission of Afghanistan, Garrison Commander of Kabul City, Vice Mayor of Kabul City, the CEO of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), and several private businessmen.

Besides, he added, it was also mentioned about the participation of Indonesian State Owned Enterprises in the Infrastructure development in Afghanistan.

Minister Negris Nehan conveyed that regardless of the huge energy stocks and mineral resources in Afghanistan, the huge potentials have not been explored and managed optimally.

Therefore, Ambassador Arief explained, at the meeting the Minister of Mining also stressed that their party welcomes Indonesia's plan to to explore  the possibility of investment in the Afghanistan mining sector.

"Indonesia also conveys the initiative to have direct flight and air cargo connections between Kabul and Jakarta to boost the increase of trade value between the two countries." He added.

CEO ACCI (Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce), Atiqullah Nusrat said that her office and the Indonesian Embassy in Kabul are always seeking   opportunities  to increase the trade value with Indonesia.

"Indonesia-Afghanistan trade relations has been established since a long time but there is still plenty of room for improvement and increase of trade value between the two countries," said Nusrat.

In the meeting it was also discussed about the planned visit of General Election Commission of Afghanistan to Indonesia to conduct a comparative study. Afghanistan considers that Indonesia is a country which can be a good and appropriate example for Afghanistan in terms of the electoral process. This is due to political, cultural, religious and social similarities.

In addition, someother issues were also discussed such as the exchange program of religious scholars'  planned between  the two countries, the planned 32ndTrade Expo Indonesia in October in Jakarta, the bilateral meeting in Kabul next October, and the planned visit of the First Lady of Afghanistan Rula Ghani to Indonesia in celebration of Mother's Day, Next December. (Source: Indonesian Embassy in Kabul / Yo2k)