Minister Retno: Women are One of the Keys in the Global Struggle against Terrorism

New York, 26 September 2018: Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi underlined the importance of Women's Empowerment and Development as an Agent of Peace in the global fight against terrorism at a meeting of the Ninth Ministerial Plenary of the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum (GCTF) in New York (25/9).

The occurrence of a new trend in terrorism involving families such as the events experienced by Indonesia in Surabaya increasingly required the role of women in the fight against terrorism. The Indonesian Foreign Minister stated that the women's big role in instilling values in the family so that they took a significant role in forming a positive perspective. This made women's empowerment and development very important for peace.​

One example for women's empowerment is the  Peace Village initiative as a soft approach to the fight against terrorism. “This initiative aims to spread the values of peace and tolerance by empowering women in local communities, especially in the economic sector," the Foreign Minister said. Increasing positive values and welfare would become a strong shield against the influence of extremist views and intolerant values.

Closing her statement, the Indonesian Foreign Minister welcomed the closer cooperation between the GCTF and the UN to overcome evolution and new trends in terrorism. Indonesia welcomed the proposal of the four documents presented in this meeting which could be guidelines and best practices for fighting terrorism. “The next stage is how we can implement these recommendations in a national and regional framework," said the Foreign Minister.

The four recommendations pushed forward by this meeting are on the issue of Homegrown Terrorism, the Challenge of Returning the Families of the FTFs, the Collection, Use and Sharing of Evidence for Purposes of Criminal Prosecution of Terrorist Suspects, and the Nexus between Transnational Organized Crime and Terrorism.

Indonesia is one of 30 GCTF member countries which is intended as a forum for global cooperation to overcome the threat of terrorism. The forum, which was formed in 2011, consists of various working groups that issue policy recommendations and activities to fight terrorism.