Meeting Mike Pence, President Jokowi Talked about Cooperation in the Three Sectors

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi gave a press briefing ​to the journalists on the sidelines of the 33rd ASEAN Summit. (Photo: MoFA/Rudi)

Singapore, 14 November 2018: On the sidelines of 33rd ASEAN Summit, President Joko Widodo held a meeting with the Vice President of the United States of America (USA) Mike Pence. The meeting took place at Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore, Wednesday (14/11). At that meeting, Indonesia and USA discussed cooperation in three sectors. The first is cooperation in developing a pluralistic society.

“The first is the importance of our cooperation in developing a pluralistic society. I think this message has been conveyed by the President on different opportunities," said Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi after the meeting.

The second one is economic cooperation. The president emphasized that in the trade, Indonesia and USA do not mutually compete, but they can complement one to each other. Therefore, the trade relations of both countries will be mutually profitable.

“In this context, the President hopes that USA can still continue to facilitate GSP (Generalized System of Preference) to Indonesia since this GSP facility is very beneficial not only to Indonesia but also to USA. The president stressed that if we use zero sum approach, it will make the situation worse," continued Retno.

 Furthermore, the President conveyed cooperation to maintain peace and security in the region, including collaboration for the development of the Indo Pacific. Related to this, the President conveyed several principles and said that Indonesia would deliver the Indo Pacific concept at the East Asia Summit (EAS) meeting.

"We have also talked with the USA and from the existing concepts, I think we can synergize our cooperation or concept," said Retno.

In addition to discussing cooperation in the three sectors, President Jokowi also expressed his hope that USA would provide support to the AHA Center, especially related to the Rakhine State issue. AHA Center is a center for coordination and information on disaster management in the ASEAN region.

(Source: Presidential Secretariat / Ministry of Foreign Affairs)