Marty Natalegawa: Ambassador Teuku Hadi Thayeb Personifies Spirit of Dedication


The late Ambassador Teuku Hadi Thayeb is a person who deserves to be personified for his high spirit of dedication and of course, as a model for all of us. Such was conveyed by Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Marty R.M.Natalegawa, at the release ceremony of the late Ambassador Teuku Hadi Thayeb to his final resting place with a military burial ceremony, this afternoon at the Pancasila Building, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jakarta (1/10/2014).

"Today we are in deep mourning at the passing away of a best son of the Indonesian people.” As the next generation, continued Minister of Foreign Affairs Marty, we acknowledge that his deeds and continued concern are felt long after his tenure terminated and onto the future.

On the occasion, Minister of Foreign Affairs Marty read out a letter, reflecting the late Teuku Hadi Thayeb’s fighting spirit during the   period of striving and founding of the Department of Foreign Affairs in 1945.

"As I was not allotted  space, my working place was in the garage in the back,  together with Pak Opes,” read out the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister, with a slight smile.

At the beginning of the establishment, the small garage of the first Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmad Soebardjo was indeed used as the first office of the Department of Foreign Affairs. Together with six young diplomats, this event happened just two days after Indonesia’s Proclamation of Independence.

"The tables and chairs were made with empty boxes from the offices left by the Japanese, and taken by brave youth under the threat of shooting.”
At least, the Minister of Foreign Affairs had a car to do his duties, so ended the letter.
“His concern and his struggles raise the spirit in all of us,” continued Indonesia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, reminding us of the late Ambassador’s great dedication without self-interest.

Previously, Ambassador Hasyim Djalal also conveyed his condolences, representing the Community of Retirees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “He was our senior when we joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1953,” he recalled.

Together with the Group of Six (six ambassadors in Europe) at the time, the late Ambassador actively guided us in doing our tasks.

Remains of the late Ambassador Teuku Hadi thayeb will be buried in the Karet Biyak General Cemetry , with  a military honorary ceremony. The late Ambassador died of a heart attack while having physiotherapy in the MMC Hospital, Jakarta. (Source: Dit Infomed/PY).