Indonesian Culinary Achieves “Best Nutritional Value” Award on Diplomatic Ladies Can Cook 2017

Indonesian traditional delicacies such as mixed vegetables salad with peanut sauce (gado-gado), spring roll and fruit cocktail (es teler) have succeed in achieving "best nutritional value" award on "Diplomatic Ladies Can Cook 2017".

The event was held on March 12, 2017, by the Service Company to Foreign Missions (FOSCO) cooperates with HCMC Department of Foreign Affairs dan HCMC Union of Friendships Organization (HUFO) in commemorating the International Women's day.

The award was given by the jury team consisting of three professional chefs as well as culinary expert/director of Mon Ngon Viet Nam magazine. The participants were the representatives from Denmark, India, Indonesia, England, Italy, Lao PDR, Russia, Thailand, and Greece, as well as several government agencies of Vietnam in HCMC and southern provinces of Vietnam. The event was also attended by the spouse of Vietnam's Foreign Affairs Minister. (The Indonesian Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City)