Indonesian Company Successfully Penetrated Russian Market

Jakarta, 6 February 2019: Mayora Group successful penetration to Russian market proved the good cooperation and synergy of all stakeholders, from both the private sector and the government. This success also supports the efforts to increase Indonesia's finished product exports, including food products.

"The spirit of synergy and cooperation will strengthen the spirit of "Indonesia Incorporated" in fighting for Indonesia's interests abroad, including in the economic field," said Director General for American and European Affairs Muhammad Anshor in "Proud as Indonesia, Mayora Successfully Penetrated the export to Russian Market" in Mayora Head Office.

The penetration to Russia's market had been attempted for the last five years and in 2018, Mayora's export had reached 140 billion rupiah, with 1000 containers delivered, or an increase of 131% from 2017.

Director General Anshor wishes that Mayora can keep on contributing to the effort of fulfilling the Indonesia-Russia bilateral trading volume target of USD 5 billion or more in 2020. Mayora Group's success is also another indication for the success of Indonesia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in shifting the paradigm into a more active and “proactive" one in terms of its economic diplomacy.

This more active economic diplomacy is translated into various promotional attempts such as trade exhibitions, market intelligence preparations, and business matching arrangements. Also included in it are the attempts to approach entrepreneurs with export potential and orientation as well to assist them in solving problems that might arise.

Mayora was also greatly helped by the existence of trade missions, trade negotiations, and support from the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) in increasing the number of exports.

One of Indonesian products, Torabika Cappuccino, also successfully led Russian market, with its main audience target being Russia's millennial generation. Russia has fairly great consumption rate of coffee as compared to others. Coffee is not just enjoyed by adults, even their adolescents have begun to get themselves familiarized with it.

“This success of penetrating Russia's export market is expected to inspire others and awaken people's confidence and pride to be Indonesians. Furthermore, it proved that Indonesia's products are not inferior. It can even compete and lead at global markets," Mayora Group's President Director Andre Atmadja said.


This “PROUD TO BE INDONESIA, Mayora's Successful Penetration to Russian Export Market" press conference is also attended by 21 partners of Mayora in Russia, as a form of appreciation.