Indonesia is still being the Favorite Country for Foreign Investment

MoFA was actively participating in the West Java Ambassador Forum held by Representative Office of Bank Indonesia in West Java and Government of West Java Province in Bandung (5/4). In the forum, MoFA was represented by P2K2 of America and Europe.

The aim of this forum is to explain the investment opportunity in West Java. This forum was attended by the representatives from friendly countries and investment partner of West Java.

“The economic condition of West Java has been better, it can be seen through the increased economic growth supported by consumption and investment, inflation rate stability, and the decreased poverty rate,” Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar delivered this statement in the opening speech of the event.

Besides, he continued that west Java Province has also given various investment facilities, such as 3-Hour Investment Licensing Service investment permit system, especially for industrial region in Karawang and Bekasi. The positive growth is expected to be the stimulus of foreign investment flowing to West Java.

The Head of P2K2 of America and Europe, Leonard F. Hutabarat Ph.D, who became one of the speakers in the forum, said that Indonesia is on the 6th rank for Asian regional country which receives the biggest foreign investment.

“Since five years ago, West Java, especially, has been the most favorite region for investor to invest with the total investment value on 2016 reaching 5,5 billion US dollar,” Leonardo said.

In the publication of World Investment Report 2016, UNCTAD placed Indonesia on the 9th rank of countries that have the best investment prospect until 2018.

With the continued improvement of Indonesian economy, which is marked by the projection of GDP growth above 5% for 2017 and 2018, Indonesia also has to think about investing in other countries, not only seeking for capital sources from other countries.

PricewaterhouseCoopers, the world’s credible think tank institution, even predicted that Indonesia will be the 4th biggest world’s economic power on 2050 under RRT, India, and United States.

In order to support and ensure that Indonesia’s economic growth is moving to the positive direction, MoFA sets economic diplomacy as one of the priorities. Besides developing the capacity and potentials of trade, tourism, and investment of Indonesia, economic diplomacy also looks to the improvement or cooperation opening with Indonesian non-traditional partners.

Now, P2K2 Center of America and Europe is studying the improvement potential of the partnership relations with four countries in America and Europe, which are Mexico, Chile, Polandia, and Turkey. Therefore, it is re-emphasized by the Head of P2K2 Center of America and Europe that the economic diplomacy is not only implemented in the center, but also implemented in province and local region in synergy. (Source: Pusat P2K2 Amerop/Yo2k)