Indonesia Urges a Joint Action Against Human Trafficking

New York, USA: "The crime of human trafficking is still a major threat to all nations, so there is a need for joint action to eradicate it." This was stated by Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno L.P. Marsudi at the High Level Meeting on the Appraisals of Global Plan of Action on Human Trafficking on the sidelines of the 72nd United Nations General Assembly (27/9).

As one of the countries of human trafficking victims, Indonesia has implemented the Global Plan of Action on Human Trafficking as agreed upon by UN in 2010. Indonesia has made the efforts to eradicate the crime of human trafficking (TPPO) as one of the national priority agenda.

In the High Level Meeting, Foreign Minister Retno reaffirmed Indonesia's commitment in increasing the effort eradication of Human Trafficking and protection of the victims on various lines, both nationally, bilaterally, regionally and multilaterally.

On the national level, Minister Retno affirmed that various comprehensive and extra miles measures against Human Trafficking through  the formation of the Task Force on Prevention and Handling of the crime of Human Trafficking (GT PPTPPO); the application of minimum threshold in identification of victims; increasing the capacity of consular officers in Indonesian representations around the world; building a shelter for victims; establishing e-protection as a database of such cases; and application of the Human Trafficking law enforcement through the money tracking method.

In the bilateral context, Indonesia continues to do diplomacy and negotiation to the destination countries of Indonesian human trafficking victims in Asia and the Middle East. The main objective is to enhance bilateral cooperation primarily through the establishment of a Memorandum of Understanding and a Mutual Assistance agreement.

Indonesia is also active in encouraging regional cooperation through the framework of ASEAN and Bali Process. Foreign Minister Retno conveyed that as the Bali Process Co-Chair, Indonesia and Australia have just organized Bali Process Government and Business Forum in Perth, Australia, 24-25 August 2017.

Through the initiative, Indonesia and Australia have been the pioneers in involving the private sector in the Government's efforts to prevent Human Trafficking, including for the purpose of forced labor and slavery. The meeting has resulted in a concrete work program to be undertaken by the private sector of the member countries of the Bali Process.

Concluding her statement, Foreign Minister Retno conveyed the importance of taking anticipatory measures so that the refugees from Rakhine State will not be exploited and become the victims of Human Trafficking. (Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)