Indonesia Promotes Eco-tourism Potentials and Creative Industries in Reiselivsmessen 2014


​Indonesia promotes eco-tourism potentials and the creative industries in Reiselivsmessen 2014, the largest travel exhibition in Norway. Themed 'Conserving Life, Enriching Culture, and Empowering Communities', Indonesian pavilion shows a variety of nature-themed tourist destinations and creative forest products. This was conveyed by Charge d’Affaires of Indonesian Embassy in Oslo, S. Sayoga Kadarisman in the opening of the exhibition in Oslo (Friday, 10/1/2014).

The exhibition held in Telenor Arena, Oslo, on 10-12 January 2014 is an annual travel and tourism exhibition held in Norway. Since 2007, Indonesian Embassy in Oslo actively participates in Reiselivsmessen as an instrument for the promotion of tourism in Indonesia.

"Around 115 countries with nearly 600 pavilions participated in the exhibition this year, including the ASEAN countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia. They promote a wide range of tourism promotion and cultural products packages," Sayoga added.

Indonesian pavilion uniqueness lies in the design of the exhibit material, which not only contains products and brochures, but also films and multimedia information especially designed for the occasion. According Sayoga, visitors can access the promotion by watching movies and searching for information with the iPAD and Galaxy tab.

Some visitors even stated that as they visit the pavilion, it provides a different experience. The pavilion, which is surrounded by 3D panel of forests with floral and faunal diversity bring visitors as if they were in Sumatra or Borneo.

Indonesia also featured arts and cultural performances on the main stage of this exhibition. In addition, the peacock dance (tari Merak) and the grouse dance (tari Belibis) as well as traditional music played by Indonesian musicians in Oslo add to enliven the Indonesian pavilion.

Sayoga believes this campaign is a momentum which will bring better impact in promoting travel and tourism from Norway to Indonesia. In 2013, the exhibition recorded about 45,000 thousand visitors. Sayoga estimated that the number this year will not be less than last year. He also reminded that Norwegians are amongst the society with the highest per capita income in the world.

"Their citizens’ spending for traveling abroad are also the highest. We want to push so that Norwegian tourists does not stop in Thailand, Vietnam, or Malaysia, and that more and more of them will decide to also visit Indonesia," he added.

Diplomacy by Indonesian society

The design of Indonesian pavilion, which attracts the attention of visitors, is credited to the participation of civil society in Indonesia.

Chairman of the Committee/First Secretary of Indonesian Embassy in Oslo, Hartyo Harkomoyo, expressed that the Embassy in Oslo enganges a number of civil society in Indonesia to participate in creating the Indonesian pavilion.

Kompas TV and Indonesia Nature Film Society (INFIS) voluntarily made ​​a documentary about nature-themed tourist spots in Indonesia.

Daemeter Consulting, Borneo Chic, Sabai Bag and Luggage Javana, and Javara showcase creative industry packages, divided into the music, interior design, fashion, and culinary products. "Essentially these products not only contribute to community development and strengthen the community, but they pay attention to the conservation of nature," Hartyo explained.

UKP4 (Presidential Working Unit for Supervision and Management of Development), Ministry of Forestry, and PT Antam also provide support in Indonesia's participation in Reiselivsmessen 2014.

"Ongoing cooperation from many parties in Indonesia in this Reiselivsmessen participation is a form of diplomacy involving the active participation of the people of Indonesia," said Hartyo.

Indonesian Cultural Performances Give Different Atmosphere

Indonesian cultural performances give different atmosphere to Norway's largest travel exhibition, Reiselivsmessen, held at the Telenor Arena, Oslo.

This Saturday (11/1/2014), Fatimah Shaw-Iversen, an Indonesian artist now residing in Oslo, performed the peacock dance (tari Merak) from West Java enchantingly, and successfully dazzled visitors to the exhibition both on the main stage and at the Indonesian pavilion.

Fatimah’s costume, which depicted a beautiful male peacock with a colorful pattern of its feathers, also amazed visitors.

Not only that, subsequent performances of traditional music by the Indonesian community lead by Valentino Malaihollo also got a very warm welcome from the audience. A medley of folk songs such as Soleram, Injit-injit Semut, Sajojo, and Apuse was wonderfully performed with full of joy by the group.

Both performances will return to the main stage tomorrow, with Fatima performing the grouse dance (tari Belibis), which also illustrates the nature and animal life in Indonesia.

This is the first time there is a cultural stage in Reiselivsmessen, and cultural performances from Indonesia was amazing. The performances have made ​​me more curious about Indonesia. So say some visitors who claim to always come to this exhibition every year, with enthusiasm.

"We chose performances that also illustrate the Indonesian cultural closeness to nature, such as dances that depict the life of the animal. While a medley of folk songs will provide an overview of Indonesia's abundant cultural diversity, "said Sayoga on Indonesia’s cultural performances.

Second Secretary for Cultural Affairs at the Embassy, Dyah Kusumawardani, who coordinates the cultural performances in this exhibition, said that last year Indonesia was asked to open the exhibition, and two young dancers, Ann-Dewi and Andrea Torgersen, amazed visitors with their Puspanjali dance.

Anak Indonesia Group also performed their dance at the Indonesian Pavilion. This year, Indonesia has the honor to showcase two numbers again at the exhibition. (Source: Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Oslo/ed.PY)