Indonesia Donated USD 500 thousand of Humanitarian Aids to Syria


​The implementation of  ”Second International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria” held in Kuwait (15/1) succeeded in achieving the aids commitment given by many countries of USD 2.4 billion. Out of this amount, the Indonesian Government gave its donation of USD 500 thousand.

“The Indonesian Government is committed to giving humanitarian aids to Syria including the completion of pledge 2013 amounted USD 500 thousand. In the future Indonesia will continue its commitment on similar aids,” said the Indonesian Ambassador for Kuwait, Ferry Adamhar, who is also the Chair of Indonesian Delegates at the Conference.

The conference, which was opened by Amir Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, was led by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Under SG Valerie Amos and UNHCR Commissioner Antonio Guterres.

The meeting was attended by at least 80 delegates from the country representatives and international organizations which were led by the Ministers and the Ambassadors as well as the Lebanon Prime Minister.

In the opening speech of the Conference, Amir Kuwait said that Kuwait’s willingness to be the host of the 2nd Conference was the realization of Kuwait’s responsibility towards the Syrians and the sympathy on their suffering as well as inviting international societies to improve the efforts of overcoming humanitarian disaster happening in Syria.

“Kuwait thinks that overcoming the problems in Syria shall be conducted by achieving political solutions and followed by humanitarian approaches. Amir pointed out that international societies had historical, moral, humanitarian and legal responsibilities to end the disaster in Syria,” said Amir Kuwait.

In this opportunity, Amir also announced that Kuwait donated USD 500 million as humanitarian aids to Syria.

The UN Secretary General, in his opening speech, also expressed his invitation for all parties in Syria to end all violence which so far had been distracting and even causing death to humanitarian workers.

The Secretary General Ban expected that the Conference would give hope and end despair as well as push the participants to make a go of the Conference like the implementation of the first Conference in 2013. The aids commitment expected to get from the Conference was USD6.5 billion.

The delegates attending the Conference generally expressed similar point of view with the guidance from Amir Kuwait in giving aids to settle the humanitarian disaster in Syria. Some delegates also pointed out the need to settle up political matter in peace and as a whole to end the conflicts there.

The Indonesian Ambassador Ferry Adamhar, in this opportunity, stated that the Indonesian Government gave thorough attention to the crisis in Syria.

The Indonesian Government consistently supported all efforts to find political solutions in overcoming the conflicts in Syria and pointed out the need for all parties to end the violence immediately and to sit together to find solutions.

“In this regard we welcome the convening of the upcoming Geneva Talks involving all parties in the conflict and those who may contribute to forge a peace process,” said the Ambassador Ferry.

Indonesia, said the Indonesian Ambassador, also supported the continuous humanitarian aids operation in Syria in order to solve the problems faced by the Syrians and which made them become the refugees in the neighboring countries or exile from their homeland because of such never-ending conflicts.

“We are pleased to join initiative to mobilize international supports to address the situation, especially to alleviate the suffering of around 1.3 million people in Syria and some 2.2 million in the neighboring countries of victims of the crises,” said the Ambassador Ferry.

The need to overcome the political conflict in peace by asking for more roles of the UN Security Council and on the other hand prioritizing access to smooth humanitarian aids became the important focus of the Conference participants.

As mentioned by Amir in the opening when approaching the 2nd Geneva Conference, he also asked the UN Security Council to put aside differences and push the recovery of peace and security so that the credibility of the UN Security Council could be improved. Most of the delegates expressing opinions and statements also said the same thing.

Some of them were the Prime Minister of Lebanon, US Foreign Minister, Qatar Foreign Minister, Norway Foreign Minister, Iraq Foreign Minister, Egypt Foreign Minister, Turkish Minister of Development, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister who pointed out the need of looking at Syrian conflict comprehensively and supported political settlement and peace-making in line with humanitarian aids to the Syrians who became the victims of the conflict. (Source: the Indonesian Embassy in Kuwait City).