Inclusive Regionalization Towards ASEAN 50th Anniversary


Nowadays, ASEAN has transformed, it is quite different with 50th years ago, stated by Dr. Gilbert W. S. Simanjuntak, a Vice Rector 1 for Academic Affairs, Research and Technology and Art of The Christian University of Indonesia (UKI) at Book event and Workshop which took fascinating theme "Inclusive Regiolisasi Dynamics in Southeast Asia : Reflections on ASEAN 50th Anniversary" (3/4).

Since its establishment in 1967, ASEAN faced with the internal and external dynamics. Democratic deficit and communal conflict became a handful of challenges arise from ASEAN. Meanwhile, the territorial conflicts, trust deficit and geopolitical shift put ASEAN in various dilemma of conflicts of interest.

Entering the 50th years in 2017, ASEAN is expected to be more dynamic and inclusive. There are several issues and cooperation can no longer be placed in idle mode, moving forward it will be all overlapping and connected. It shows the inclusiveness of ASEAN on its 50th anniversary.

The environmental issues, natural disasters and migrant workers are the issues of many country in the region. Nowadays, ASEAN keeps trying to respond on the opportunities and challenges for the years to come which will be beneficial for all member countries in ASEAN.

The Cooperation between the Socio-Cultural Cooperation Directorate of ASEAN with Christian University of Indonesia (UKI), in Jakarta. This book event and workshop are part of a series of the 50th years celebration of ASEAN which is on August 8, 2017. By inviting speakers from the government and civil society, a series of the celebration are not only be a dialectical discourse and decision makers of the academicians, but it also as the time to get closer and combining ASEAN to the students / youth who are one of the major stakeholders in the framework of ASEAN cooperation. ​