Government of Myanmar Appreciates Indonesia’s Humanitarian Aid

Yangon, Myanmar: Director General of Relief and Resettlement Department, Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement Myanmar, U Ko Ko Naing representing the Government of Myanmar, expressed appreciation for Indonesia's assistance and appreciated the good relations that have been maintained by both countries for a long time, both bilaterally and as fellow ASEAN member countries.

The Government of Myanmar has expressed a commitment to distribute the aid from Indonesia to refugees in Rakhine State without ethnic or religious discrimination.

Given the locations of the refugees that is wide-spread and at a considerable distance far enough away, the Government of Myanmar cooperates with international humanitarian organizations for aid distribution with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) of Myanmar.

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Ito Sumardi, representing the Government of Indonesia, on Thursday (21/9) had delivered humanitarian aid for refugees in Rakhine State to the Government of Myanmar represented by DG U Ko Ko Naing. The handover was witnessed by representatives from BNPB, Ministry of Foreign Affairs RI, Indonesian Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar Foreign Ministry officials, Myanmar media and Indonesia media.

The Indonesian humanitarian aid was sent by Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement to Sittwe, Rakhine State on the same day. Humanitarian aid from the Government of Indonesia to the Government of Myanmar is the first phase of assistance, which amounts to ± 20 tons. The aid was transported by using two TNI AU aircraft, Hercules C-130 (A1319 and A1326) from Han Nadiem Airport, Banda Aceh. The aircraft brought aid consisting of Shelter Tent, Portable Water Tank, fast food, special food for pregnant women and toddlers, medicines and sarongs.

Humanitarian assistance from Indonesia is the first aid received by the Government of Myanmar by using the G to G mechanism in accordance with the policies pursued by the Government of Myanmar on the distribution of humanitarian aid to the community in Rakhine State.

As the representative of the Government of Indonesia, RI Ambassador Ito hoped that the humanitarian aid could be handed over to the refugees in the Rakhine State region. RI Ambassador Ito also expected the Government of Myanmar to open access for foreign volunteers who want to help the refugees in Rakhine State.

"This Indonesian humanitarian aid is assistance for the Emergency Relief phase,  and Indonesia will also provide assistance for the rehabilitation phase for the construction of damaged infrastructure," he said.

The handover of aid had proceeded smoothly on the basis of the support of the full cooperation of the Government of Myanmar and the Government of Indonesia. The Government of Myanmar highly appreciates the process of delivering the aid provided by Indonesia that adapted to procedures established by the Government of Myanmar.

Following the handover of the first phase of assistance, RI Ambassador Ito together with two staff from the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) will head to Rakhine State (26/9) to monitor the handover of aid. (Source: Indonesian Embassy in Yangon / INF / qzn)