Effective National Law is Needed to Protect Cultural Property from Illegal Trading


​Effective national law enforcement is very important in the effort of fighting against stealing, seizing and illegal trading of the cultural property which becomes more frequent. The Director for Treaty Affairs representing UNODC Executive Director expressed his opinion at the opening speech of the third Open Ended Intergovernmental Expert Group on protection against trafficking in cultural property which was held in Vienna, Austria (15/1).

The meeting aims at formulating the guidelines draft which can be used by the countries to strengthen their national law in response to the illegal trading crime of cultural property.

The meeting, which is going to be held for three days, is expected to be able to finalize the guidelines draft which might help the member countries to formulate and enforce the national law in giving protection to the cultural property.

In accordance with the mandate given to UNODC, the guidelines hopefully will include prevention aspect and criminalization aspect on the illegal trading of the cultural property.

The meeting was attended by more than 100 delegates from the member countries and the observers from the Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice responses (CCPCJ), added by the representatives from the regional and international organizations.

The Indonesian delegates were led by the Ambassador/the Deputy Chairman of Indonesian Permanent Representatives in Vienna and the members of the representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indonesian Embassy/Indonesian Permanent Representatives in Vienna.

The Open Ended Intergovernmental Expert Group on protection against trafficking in cultural property was established in accordance with the mandate of the ECOSOC 2008/23 Resolution, and has a duty to give recommendation to the global efforts of protecting the cultural property.

The first and the second meetings of the Expert Group Meeting were held in Vienna in November 2009 and June 2012. (Source: the Indonesian Embassy in Vienna)