Economic Diplomacy Efforts, Capacity Building for Delegations in the FSA

In the context of world trade, the countries that are able to compete with the international standard basis will be easier to dominate the global market. Based on this assumption, many countries fight for their national standard to be adopted as an international standard, so that the market access for their export products become wider.

That principle also applied on the world food standard that its stipulation is negotiated in the Codex Alimentarius Commission organization forum based in Rome. The world agency affiliated with WHO and FAO has a primary mission which is providing security for consumers of the International community through the stipulation of the health standard for food products.

The optimization of the role and leadership of Indonesia in Codex sessions continues to be conducted, among others through the capacity building event for RI delegation members, as held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office, Pejambon (18/4) through the cooperation of the National Standardization Agency as the Indonesian focal point of Codex and focal point of Codex Indonesia as the Indonesian National Codex Committee.

“The capacity building of RI delegations in the Codex sessions becomes an important part of Indonesian economic diplomacy effort, moreover when considering that the Codex standard also be the reference of two important agreements in WTO that are binding the international trading people, those are Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS) and Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT),” thereby delivered by the Director of Commerce, Commodities and Intellectual Property, MoFA Tri Purnajaya in the opening of the activity.

“Indonesia as a big country has had an active role in Codex, Indonesia even has placed its representative as the Chairperson of that international organization. Such role has to be maintained and improved. The mission to reach Indonesia’s interests in Codex now and in the future has to be reached by design, not by accident.” It was delivered by the Deputy of Standards and Accreditation of National Standardization Agency, Kukuh SA in the briefing in the beginning of the activity.

In the activity, the participants who came from many related ministries and institutions got the material about the handling of Codex specific issues from Secretariat Codex Contact Point Indonesia’s speaker, and material about negotiation technique and court procedure from Indonesian senior diplomat, Ambassador Soemadi D.M. Brotodiningrat.

This capacity building activity is a cooperation of National Standardization Agency and MoFA as the part of National Codex Committee of Indonesia to keep strengthening multilateral negotiation in order to support the improvement of Indonesian economic diplomacy. The materials which have been delivered were expected to increase the insight and knowledge of the participants in preparing national position and fighting for Indonesian interests in various Codex committee meeting.  (Dit. PPKI/Yo2k)