Current Status: Tsunami on the West Coast of Banten and Lampung

​Jakarta, 27 Desember 2018: High waves hit the West Coast of Banten and Lampung on December 22m 2018 at 9.27 PM. Indonesia Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Board (BMKG) had previously provided early warnings regarding high waves that might occur in the period of December 22-25 2018. Ministry of Tourism and other departments continue to collaborate to manage the damage caused and to assist the victims. 

The Tourism Minister of Indonesia, Arief Yahya opened the Tourism Crisis Center (TCC) to monitor the progress of the disaster and coordinate with all relevant national Boards and departments, such as Disaster Management Board, Local Tourism Department and various tourism stakeholders around the disaster area to collect and gather informations about the affected tourism ecosystems and provide service for tourists. 

TCC urges tourists to temporarily stay away from Sunda Strait and continue to equipped themselves with current information from official government sources or official social media accounts : @infoBMKG and @BNPB_Indonesia. ​(source: Indonesia travel)