UN Peacekeeping Marked Indonesia’s Contribution to World Peace

Jakarta, Indonesia: A seminar on Indonesia's Contribution in Investing Peace by Accelerating the Roadmap Vision of 4,000 Peacekeepers 2015-2019, in cooperation with PMPP TNI (The National Army Peacekeeping Training Center) was held in Sentul (6/9). This seminar was held to commemorate the International Day of the United Nations Peacekeepers or Peacekeepers' Day which took place on May 29, 2017. The momentum of the seminar was in line with Peacekeepers' Day theme, "Investing in Peace", and it discussed the revitalized efforts to accelerate the realization of Vision 4,000 peacekeepers until 2019.

"Contribution to UN Peacekeeping is one of the main modalities of Indonesian diplomacy in order to create world peace," said Salman Al-Farisi, Acting Director General of Multilateral Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs RI, in his opening speech.

It is important to accelerate the target of sending 4,000 peacekeepers to TNI's peacekeeping mission to improve Indonesian visibility and credentials in its candidacy as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for the period 2019-2020.

"Indonesia itself has participated in 28 peacekeeping missions and has contributed more than 37 thousand peacekeepers since 1957," said Salman. "Indonesia is currently ranked as the 11th largest contributor in the UN Peacekeeping Mission."

The seminar also discussed the importance of capacity building and the development of peacekeepers' capabilities, the contribution and the role of women in peacekeeping, and the readiness of peacekeepers to face the complexity of multidimensional and mandatory peacekeeping.

The speakers came from ministry/institution members of TKMPP (Coordinating Team for Peacekeeping Missions), UN Regional Coordinator in Jakarta, and academics.

In addition to Salman's speech, TNI's PMPP commander, Brigadier General Achmad Marzuki, also delivered his opening remarks. Also present as active participants were representatives from ministries/institutions in TKMPP forums, foreign diplomats in Jakarta, UN Representatives in Jakarta, relevant Ministries and Institutions, Students from the Defense University, and former Indonesian Peacekeepers who had served in the UN Peacekeeping Mission.

The meeting was closed by Mrs. Grata E. Werdaningtyas, Director of International Security and Disarmament. (Source: Directorate of KIPS/MoFA)​