Coffee, Banana and Pineapple from Lampung Enchanted Algeria

The Governor of Bouira and the Algerian Delegates  tasting  the delicious Lampung Coffee, Lampung (10-14/7).


Bandar Lampung: Indonesian Ambassador to Algeria, Safira Machrusah, together with Bouira Governor of Algeria, Cherifi Mouloud, and 14 businessmen arrived in Bandar Lampung on Monday (10/7). Bouira Algeria delegation visited Lampung on 10-14 July 2017, discussing the improvement of cooperation in the field of economy, trade and investment. The delegation’s reception by the Governor’s  Assistant  for  General Administration, Ir. Hamartoni A. Hadis, took place at the Governor’s Office of Lampung Province.

In the welcoming ceremony, the signing of the Cooperation Agreement of the Sister-Chambers of Commerce has been undertaken between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tikjda, Bouira Province, People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, represented by Abdul Hakim Damou, and  the  Chamber of Commerce and Industry of East Lampung District, Lampung Province, the Republic of Indonesia, represented by Ari Meizari.

Ambassador Safira Machrusah conveyed that the factors of historical closeness and religious similarity can be used to further improve cooperation in various fields especially economy, trade and investment. It was expected that businessmen of Lampung Province, especially East Lampung District and Algeria businessmen were able to use this opportunity to improve mutual cooperation more closely.

During their visit to the company of Nestle Indonesia located in Panjang harbor, Bandar Lampung, the management of Nestle Indonesia explained about Lampung coffee as basic ingredient for coffee products from Indonesia. Governor Cherifi Mouloud was impressed with the unique taste of natural and delicious Indonesian coffee. Meanwhile, the Delegation of Algerian businessmen also had an opportunity to try bananas and pineapples of East Lampung while in Bandar Lampung.

“These bananas and pineapples have a sweet and delicious taste,” said Abdul Hakim Damou, the Head of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tikjda, Bouira Province, People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, when visiting Puncak Mas, Lampung.

After enjoying coffee, bananas and pineapples, the Algerian delegation was getting more enthusiastic to establish economic cooperation in various fields, in which Lampung has potentially excellent products such as bananas, pineapples, coffee, spices, corns, palm oil; in the field of livestock and fishery, geothermal energy, hydropower and the development of Panjang harbor. The attractiveness of Lampung’s commodities have opened the way and ease to improve economic cooperation carried out by businessmen of both countries.

According to the plan, Delegation of Algerian businessmen will be received by the Regent of East Lampung, Chusnunia Chalim, on 11 July 2017 and then followed by visiting orchard center, Way Kambas national park, and cattle farms in East Lampung. (Source: Dit. Timteng)