Bulgaria Wishes to Cooperate in Food Security


​Bulgaria is ready to cooperate with Indonesia in the sector of agriculture, including food security. This, among others, was conveyed by the Bulgarian Minister of Agriculture and Food, Prof. Dimitar Grekov, in a meeting with the Sofia Indonesian Ambassador, Bunyan Saptomo, in Sofia, Bulgaria (01/09/201).

This meeting was arranged by the Indonesian Ambassador in the frame of preparations for the 5th Bulgaria-Indonesia Joint Committee Meeting, scheduled to be held in Indonesia, March 2014. At a previous forum  the two countries agreed to form a Working Group (WG)  on Agriculture; however, up to now the Working Group has not been set up.

Minister Grekov conveyed preparedness for establishing  the Working Group on Agriculture and also the Working Group on Tobacco, which is one of  Bulgaria’s  export commodities to Indonesia.

Ambassador Saptomo stressed at the meeting that the cooperation between the two countries in the food security sector  can  focus on four major pillars: aspect of availability (including productivity); accessibility (including affordable prices for all people); utilization (including quality and food security); as well as the sustainability aspect.

"Establishing  the Working Group on Agriculture is one of the Government’s efforts  to support  realization of food security.”

Through this kind of cooperation, both parties can support one another in efforts to develop  agriculture and fishery products, expansion of market opportunities, and strengthening of both countries’  research institutes  in the sectors of agriculture and fishery.

Prof. Grekov said that at present the Bulgarian Government has implemented  simplifying of the business regime to facilitate Micro Small-and-Medium Enterprises.

Many opportunities can be grabbed  to develop a more concrete cooperation  between the two countries, such as market expansion for both countries’ agricultural products, as well as cooperation in research and technology.

“The Bulgarian people’s demand for palm oil and its derivative products continues to increase, so that Bulgarian import of these  products  increases from year to year. The majority of palm oil products available  in Bulgaria are from Indonesia,” such was conveyed by Prof. Gerkov.

As to cooperation in research and technology, Bulgarian Minister of Agriculture said that researchers in the country have developed  genetic material for growing  wheat in tropical and sub-tropical countries.

Cooperation  with Indonesia in this sector  has  potential for development and will be of great benefit for  growing wheat in Indonesia, while at present Indonesia imports this commodity in big volumes.

As to  Indonesia-Bulgaria  bilateral trading , agricultural products and their derivatives are prime commodities  of  both  parties.

In 2013, Indonesia’s biggest exports to Bulgaria comprise the commodities of palm oil, coffee, and paper. Meanwhile, Indonesia’s imports from Bulgaria are  mainly   coriander  and tobacco products. (Source: Sofia Indonesian Embassy)