Asia Pacific Countries Arranged Digital Economic Vision at the 2018 APEC Summit

Port Moresby, November 16, 2018: Papua New Guinea for the first time hosted a series of APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Summits consisting of Concluding SOM (CSOM), APEC Ministerial Meeting (AMM) and ending  with APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting (APEC Summit) on 12-18 November 2018, in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG).

In line with the theme of PNG's chairmanship in APEC 2018 "Harnessing Inclusive Opportunities, Embracing the Digital Future", the Indonesian Delegation to CSOM led by the Director General of Asia Pacific and Africa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasized that access to digital technology needs to be improved, especially for people in the rural and remote areas. Through APEC, Indonesia will conduct workshops on the use of digital technology to improve access to education in rural and remote areas.

CSOM is the initial meeting at the series of the 2018 APEC Summit, which evaluates the APEC work program during 2018 and approves the next APEC plan, to be agreed at the Ministerial and APEC Economic Leader level.

At AMM, APEC Ministers have met to discuss policy recommendations regarding the challenges of the global economy and determine the vision of an inclusive digital economy in the Asia Pacific region, to be further agreed upon by the APEC Economic Leaders. Several other issues also emerged including the APEC agenda regarding regional economic integration, sustainable and inclusive development, and structural reforms to increase trade and investment.

Today, the world economy is facing trade barriers due to protectionist sentiments, as well as trade wars between the two largest economies in the world. "In this very dynamic age, we must compromise in facing challenges," said the Head of BKPM, Thomas Lembong, who represented Indonesia before the APEC Ministers.