Ali Sastroamidjojo Proposed to Be Made National Hero


​Indonesia’s former Prime Minister and Head of the 1955 Asian-African Conference, (the late) Ali Sastroamidjojo, is proposed to be granted the title of National Hero for his struggle in striving for the Bandung Spirit for Solidarity of the Asian-African nations.

“We are proposing our grandfather, Pak Ali Aastroamidjojo to become a National Hero of Indonesian Diplomacy,” said Tarida Satroamidjojo, spokesperson for the big family of Pak Ali, at the napak tilas (trailing of the history) visit to the Asian-African Conference (KAA) Museum, Jalan Asia-Afrika, Bandung, Wednesday (01/08/2014).

According to Tarida, the figure of Ali Sastroamidjojo not only practiced and was a model for Indonesia’s diplomacy struggle, but in his spirit was also ingrained the fighting attitude for Asia-Africa Solidarity.

“During the period of 1955 – 1961, Pak Ali was in the midst of the fierce whirlpool of the Bandung Spirit impact on the international political arena,” said Tarida. Tarida said that the big family of Ali Sastroamidjojo has submitted a letter of proposal to the Central Java Governor.

“We have received a response from the Head of the Central Java Social Department  about our proposal. We have come to the KAA Museum to get   supporting data to complete administrative matters,” said Tarida. 

According to Tarida, Pak Ali dedicated almost half of his lifetime to realize his ideal  of Pancasila internationalism to be documented accordingly  in the KAA Museum.

After the Asia-Africa Conference, Pak Ali and the Asia-Africa Group   played a key role in the UN. They persistently voiced the importance of world peace. “This matter is one kind of  proof  of  Pak Ali’s important  role in Indonesia’s diplomacy struggle, “Tarida concluded. (Source: KAA Museum/sppnkaa/dsa)