Diplomatic and Service Visa

Opening Hours for Visa & Consular Section:

Sunday - Thursday 08.30 - 11.30

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia

Building No.2, Al Maahed Street, New Al Salata, Al Jadeeda

Email: doha.kbri@kemlu.go.id or admin@kbridoha.org

Phone: +974 44657945, 44664981, 44657436, 44662759

Hotline : +974 33322875

(Note: The Embassy will be closed on Indonesian and Qatar Public Holidays. Click here for further details)

This type of visa is issued only for holders of Diplomatic Passport, Service Passport, and United Nations Laissez-Passer.

The duration of stay depends on the purpose of visit. Maximum length of stay is 60 (sixty) days.

Holders of Diplomatic or Se​​rvice Passport from the following countries do not require visa to enter Indonesia for short term visit (vary from 14 to 60 days. Please consult Embassy Consular officer for more details):

  1. Afghanistan

  2. Argentine

  3. Austria

  4. Azerbaijan

  5. Bangladesh

  6. Belarus

  7. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  8. Brazil

  9. Brunei Darussalam

  10. Bulgaria

  11. Cambodia

  12. Chile

  13. China

  14. Colombia

  15. Costa Rica

  16. Croatia

  17. Ecuador

  18. United Arab Emirates

  19. Fiji

  20. France

  1. Georgia

  2. Hungary

  3. India

  4. Iran

  5. Japan

  6. Kazakhstan

  7. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

  8. Republic of Korea

  9. Kyrgyzstan

  10. Laos

  11. Macedonia

  12. Malaysia

  13. Mexico

  14. Moldova

  15. Mongolia

  16. Morocco

  17. Myanmar

  18. Nicaragua

  19. Pakistan

  20. Paraguay

  1. Peru

  2. Philippines

  3. Poland

  4. Portugal

  5. Russia

  6. Singapore

  7. Slovakia

  8. Slovenia

  9. Sri Lanka

  10. Suriname

  11. Switzerland

  12. Thailand

  13. Timor Leste

  14. Tunisia

  15. Turkey

  16. Uruguay

  17. Venezuela

  18. Vietnam

  19. United Kingdom (Diplomatic Passport only)

Diplomat or Government Official traveling to Indonesia for long-term assignment (e.g. to be posted in his/her diplomatic or consular post in Indonesia) cannot enjoy the free visa facility, and must apply Diplomatic or Service Visa from the nearest Indonesian Embassy / Consulate.

Requirements for visa application:

  1. Verbal / Diplomatic Note from respective Mission / Government Institution

  2. Completed Visa Application Form (download in .pdf here​). Visa Application Form can also be obtained at the Visa & Consular Section at the Embassy, Mon-Fri, 09.30 – 12.30).

  3. Original Diplomatic / Service Passport / UNLP with at least 6 (six) months validity upon the intended date of arrival in Indonesia.

  4. Copy of valid Diplomatic / Service Passport / UNLP.

  5. For nationals other than Qatar, please attach a copy of Diplomatic ID Card issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar or other valid legitimation card.

  6. Two colored photo (3x4 or 4x6) with light background (preferably white), attached to the Visa Application Form.

  7. Copy of booked ticket / itinerary of your first intended travel into Indonesia.

  8. Please make sure all the necessary field in the Visa Application Form are duly filled and the supporting documents are in order.

  9. Applicant or their agent present the complete set of document at the Visa & Consular Service Counter at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Doha.

  10. Application must be submitted between Sunday to Thursday from 08:30 - 11:30, except on Indonesian and Qatar public holidays. No appointment is required to submit your visa application.