Indonesian envoy’s residence hosts Batik workshop in Doha


?The Indonesian embassy in Doha organised a Batik-making workshop yesterday in a bid to promote the rich culture and heritage of the country.

Named “How to Design Handwritten Batik”, the activity was held at the Indonesian ambassador’s residence.
Endang Deddy Hadi, wife of ambassador Deddy Saiful Hadi, led the opening rites. Wives of  the envoys of Malaysia, Brunei, France, Belgium, Romania, China, Kenya, South Africa, South Korea and India also attended the event.
Resource speakers started the workshop by giving a short lecture about Batik, its history and how to design it using canting - a pen-like instrument used to apply wax to the cloth.
Indonesia’s 34 provinces have various types of Batik and one of the most popular is the Javanese traditional Batik. Those from the Kingdom of Yogyakarta and Surakarta have notable meanings rooted in the Javanese conceptualisation of the universe.
The envoy said the workshop is one of the activities that aim to promote Indonesia in Qatar.
It takes around eight months to make a 2m handmade fabric of fine quality and costs about $1000. In Java, Indonesia, housewives often spend eight hours painting the fabric.
During the event, the participants also learned how to design and use Batik patterns using canting and colouring.