Indonesian Style of Lebaran in Bangladesh

​The Indonesian Embassy in Dhaka organizes an Eid prayer on 1 Syawal 1438 H on 26 June 2017. The prayer iss observed by around 100 people comprising elements of the Indonesian communities and representatives of foreign diplomatic missions in Dhaka. The Eid prayer starts at 07.30 local time after an evening and night of recitations of the takbir.​​​​​​

The prayer is presided by Prof. Dr. H. Moh. Ali Aziz, M. Ag, Professor at the Faculty of Da'wah of Sunan Ampel National Islamic University in Surabaya, as Imam and preacher. Prof. Ali Aziz encourages the audience to start a new chapter by continuing with the spirit of Ramadan in everyday life. This includes maintaining the noble characters which have been built during Ramadan, that encompasses pleasing other people, always being grateful, and avoiding complaining. Also important is taking extra care with words, so as not to hurt other people's feelings, be it directly or in the social media.

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The Eid prayer continues with an Open House hosted by the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Dhaka, Mrs Rina Soemarno, held on the premises of the Embassy. Around 250 people attending the Open House is greeted by the Ambassador and her husband Mr. Budhi Yuwono. On this festive occasion, cuisines specialty of Eid-el Fitr celebration in Indonesia are served. These includes Lontong Cap Go Meh, rendang, fish in yellow sauce, and Indonesion traditional cakes and desserts, such as kue lupis, lapis legit, bika ambon, as well as cookies that are normally only seen during the festive Lebaran or Eid-el Fitr celebration in Indonesia.

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Ambassador Rina Soemarno thinks that Eid celebration in Bangladesh is unique. This is the first time she experiences Lebaran in Bangladesh. Unlike in Indonesia and in most part of the world where this year's Eid falls on 25 June, the Government of Bangladesh sets the Eid on 26 June 2017. Furthermore, there is no "takbiran" culture in Bangladesh. During the eve of the Eid, recitations of the takbir are hardly heard. This is unlike in Indonesia where takbir usually reverberated in all corners of the city signaling and welcoming the new month of Syawal. The festive atmosphere of Eid-el Fitr, however, is felt in shops and malls that open until past midnight during the month of Ramadan. It causes congestions on the main streets until after midnight every night in Dhaka.​