Sail Morotai 2012


Around 65 Government officials of Davao City and IGACOS (Island Garden City of Samal), businessmen, yacht owners, Department of Tourism (DOT) and Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) were listening enthusiastically presentation by Engineer Alina S. Tampubolon, Director of Surveillance on Maritime Resources, Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs concerning Sail Morotai 2012 in Camp Holiday Resort and Recreation Area, IGACOS, Samal Island, Davao del Norte Province.
The Sail Morotai at the Morotai Island, North Maluku Province, Indonesia will be held on September 15, 2012. For further details and arrangement, kindly communicate to Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia through landline number 63-82-2992930, fax 6382-2973462 and email After presentation for almost 2.5 hours in the Camp Holiday Resort and Recreation Area, some businessmen invite the attendees to visit 3 yachts in the docking area of the Holiday Ocean View, IGACOS, Samal Island by speedboat to take 30 minutes. Following up suggestion by SAIL MOROTAI 2012 Indonesia National Organizing Committee to serve an alternative route between Davao – Morotai; the Government officials of Davao City and IGACOS, businessmen, yacht owners, DOT and MARINA agreed to form an organizing committee. The Purpose of this committee is to prepare technical aspects concerning custom, immigration, yacht racers and accommodation on Sail Morotai 2012 in the next meeting
Philippines Government Officials and businessmen suggested to the Indonesian National Organizing Committee that one of the Kadayawan Festival Programs is for Davao City and IGACOS to become Send Off Place for Yacht Racer on third week of August 2012. It is expected to invite yacht clubs from the Philippines likes Surigao, Subic Bay, Cebu, Manila, Batangas, Bataan, Palawan and other countries such as Palau, Korea, Japan, the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.;
How about Morotai? Morotai Island (Indonesian: Pulau Morotai) is an island located in the Halmahera group of eastern Indonesia's Maluku Islands (Moluccas). It is one of Indonesia's northernmost islands. Morotai is a rugged, forested island lying to the north of Halmahera. It has an area of some 1,800 square kilometers (690 sq mi), stretching 80 kilometers (50 mi) north-south and no more than 42 kilometers (26 mi) wide. The island's largest town is Daruba, on the islands south coast. Almost all of Morotai's numerous villages are coastal settlements; a paved road linking those on the east coast starts from Daruba and will eventually reach Berebere, the principal town on Morotai's east coast, 68 kilometers (42 mi) from Daruba.