Repatriation of Indonesian National Jhon Mateos Nembo drifted on top of the raft

On July 18, 2013 at about 9:00 o’clock in the evening, local time, the Consulate General of Indonesia in Davao City repatriated to Indonesia  a certain ​Indonesian national by the name of Jhon Mateos Nembo, 19 years old, fisherman,   utilizing General Santos City to Tahuna route, and finally heading  to Manado. As revealed by Jhon, he was on top of the raft but due to bad weather he was eventually drifted from Kwandang Gulf, North Sulawesi to open seas between the Indonesia and Philippine waters.


Jhon M. Nembo is a care taker of fish raft owned and operated by Victory 04 Fishing Company, with postal address located at Tumumpak Street, Manado. While taking care of the said raft, Jhon is obliged to stay on top of the raft and fix the fishing net around the raft and set on the lights during night time to invite the fish to get inside the net. When the net was full of fish according to his estimate,  Jhon dive into the water to confirm if  indeed the net is full. Thereafter, Jhon  contacted  the company to load the fish.


The incident that hit  Jhon occurred between June 23-24, 2013. As the strong winds  blew, the raft was pulled down to the sea bottom. To prevent and to save Jhon from imminent breath taking situation, he immediately cut the rope that held the raft from the base line of the sea. The raft was about to get closer to other fishing raft with a distance of about 3 miles, but due to huge waves, his raft was thrown far way all the way  to the open seas. While tossing around the open seas, he  managed to live about 9-10 days, until the young man was rescued by Filipino fishermen, owned by JVH Fishing Enterprises in the Philippine water at about 3 degrees latitude and 122 degrees longitude on July 3, 2013 about 6:00 in the evening,  local time (equivalent to Indonesian mid time). In the high seas, the latter ate fish and consumed other marine limited provisions to keep him moving.  His clothes were lost as it was brought by the strong wind, and the only ones he had left were the ones he had on.


Rescuing fishing boat carrying Jhon M. Nembo later arrived and berthing at General Santos City Fish Ports Complex on July 9, 2013 at about 6:00 p.m. local time. A day after, Jhon Nembo then, was turned-over by the Master of the boat Edwin Resueto  to the Philippine Coast Guard authority based in General Santos City. And on July 10, 2013 he was forwarded to the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) in the said city.


On July 10, 2013, the Consular Staff of the Indonesian Consulate General in Davao City received reports through telephone calls from the office of CSWDO General Santos City informing the turn-over of Jhon M.  Nembo.


Upon meeting personally by the Indonesian Consulate General authority, Jhon M. Nembo was in good physical and healthy condition, despite of his tragic experience.

(Published by the Consular Function-CGRI Davao City).