List of Embassy News


  • Indonesian Community in the Northern Territory comes together as one in celebrating of Eid ul-Fitr

    17 Jun 2018

    The Indonesian Consulate in Darwin organised an Open House in celebrating Eid ul-Fitr on Sunday, 17th of June 2018 at Wisma Indonesia (red. Indonesian Consul Residence). This fine occasion has welcomed and gathered more than 500 guests including members of Indonesian Community, Indonesian Diaspora and friends of Indonesia who are residing in Darwin, Palmerston and other satellite towns within the Northern Territory (NT). There were also other guests from Australian North Command, Senior Officer of the Australian Federal Police/AFP, the NT Government, the NT Parliament, Senior Management of Northern Synod Uniting Church of Australia and business community (AIBC) took part of this celebration. They came with good greetings and sentiment to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr together with Indonesian community. This is a clear message that multiculturalism is not only a slogan in Darwin and the Northern Territory in general where Indonesian community is part of it. Selengkapnya

  • Darwin plays important role as a gateway to sail into Indonesia

    12 Mar 2018

    “As the start line, Darwin sends many yachters to sail into Indonesia and enjoy the beauty of its nature and the friendliness of its people. As the biggest archipelagic country in the world, Indonesia is one of the destination for many yachters coming not only from Australia but also other nations in the world. Therefore, the Sailing Communities in Darwin have contributed to the strong bonds between the peoples of the two countries" he stated at the Marine Tourism promotion night at Tiperrary Marina on Saturday, 10 March 2018. Selengkapnya

  • UNPATTI ties a cooperation with CDU through an MoU

    02 Mar 2018

    The MoU is signed by Prof. Lawrence Cram, Acting Vice Chancellor/President Research and Research Training and Prof. Dr. Marthinus Johanes Saptenno, Rector. The signing ceremony took place in the Community Room and was witnessed by both universities and Indonesian Consulate staff. The MoU is now a foundation of this cooperation which is valid for five years. Both parties agreed to explore their international relations and capacity to support each other for mutual benefits. Selengkapnya

  • Darwin Community Comes Together to Mark the 76th Anniversary of Bombing of Darwin Day

    19 Feb 2018

    “I am very pleased to see Darwin Community gathered today at the cenotaph to commemorate the 76th Anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin. To me as a new comer to this city, this commemorative service is very moving. It doesn't matter whether you were born in Darwin or migrants or even temporary visitors, the Remembrance Day like this made everyone as one community" Said Dicky Soerjanatamihardja, Indonesian Consul to the Northern Territory. Selengkapnya


    14 Feb 2018

    ​The Indonesian Consulate in Darwin is pleased to release a book entitled "Reconnecting the Connection: Indonesia - Australia Relations. This book consists of a collection of selected articles that describes the relationship between Indonesia and Australia, especially the Northern Territory. Selengkapnya

  • AIBC NT Representatives pay a courtesy visit with the Indonesian Consul in Darwin

    09 Feb 2018

    Indonesian Consul to the Northern Territory, Mr Dicky Soerjanatamihardja welcomed representatives of Australia Indonesia Business Council (AIBC) of NT Chapter Mrs Linda Reeves and Mr Terry Mills on February 8, 2018 at the Consul's Office. This was a courtesy meeting by the AIBC NT and aimed to introduce the 2018 programs of the council in the NT. Selengkapnya

  • Handover Ceremony of the New Indonesian Consul for Northern Territory

    08 Feb 2018

    “I thank you all for a very warm that you have given to me and my wife. I hope that everyone is able to support each other for the success of the Consulate's programs in the Northern Territory", said Consul Dicky at the handover ceremony on Thursday, 8th February 2018 at Pancasila Hall, Indonesian Consulate. Consul Dicky also thanked Mohammad Hanifa for assisting with the consulate's program during the transition period since January 2018. Selengkapnya