Student Exchange Group from Maluku

​​​​​Consul Siregar Welcomes the Exchange Group from Maluku Province to Darwin

The Indonesian Consul Mr Andre Omer Siregar welcomed two students and one teacher from Maluku Province to Darwin to participate at an exchange program. Consul Siregar officially met with the group in a fine morning on Thursday, 26th in his office. "I am very proud to welcome you all to Darwin. I understand that all of you attend Darwin High School and it is a real opportunity to improve your English proficiency and understanding of Australian culture and lifestyle", said Consul Siregar.


The Northern Territory-Indonesia Teacher and Student Exchange Program is based on the Memorandum of Cooperation signed in 1985 by the Northern Territory Secretary of the Department of Education and the Director General of Primary and Secondary Education of Indonesia. The program is fully funded by the Northern Territory Department of Education. This year it is participated by a team from Maluku Province. Both students are Miss Astri Larwuy and Mr Jevon Djoanda and the teacher is Nova Marlina. The students will be studying in Darwin for one term and the teacher will assist with teaching the Indonesian Language at Darwin High School and Darwin Middle School for up to Seven months.


Consul Siregar also encouraged the student to study hard and use the technology during the stay in Darwin. He said that by reading books one will increase the knowledge and to prepare oneself to be the future leader. Jevon who the hobby is reading motivational books responded well to the Consul's ideas. Then, he was gifted a book titled "Harus Bisa" written by Dr Dino Patti Djalal. "When you read more books you will become a leader in the future", Consul Siregar said. "Thank you Pak Andre, I agree with you", Jevon replied.


Consul Siregar hoped the the Exchange Group will strengthen the link between the students and teachers of the school in Darwin and schools in Maluku. "Later, when you completed this program, you will need to stay in contact with your friends and teachers at Darwin High School" Consul Siregar added. He also mentioned about the new Northern Territory and Indonesia Alumni Network as a tool that the group can use to be connected with the alumni of this exchange program.


​The exchange group was accompanied by Ms Diyah Christie, an Indonesian Language Teacher and Ms Lily Zhong, an International Coordinator of Darwin High School. They both mentioned that this program is one of the longstanding program between Northern Territory and Indonesia. It also has brought colour onto the school where there are not only international students from Japan or China but also Indonesia as the closest neighbor. Ms Christie who has been teaching the Indonesian Language for many years at Darwin High School hoped that there will be also Territory Students to participate on this program in Indonesia in the future.


The meeting was concluded with a photo session. Jevon then showed Consul Siregar his hometown Langgur which is located on the South East of Maluku Province. (JM)