Saumlaki Student's English Language Program


Consul AOS Congratulates Saumlaki's Education Group for successfully completed

a-90-day English Language Course at Kormilda College in Darwin.

The Indonesian Consul, Mr Andre Omer Siregar congratulated 10 students and 3 teachers of Saumlaki for the significant completion of the three months English Language Course at Kormilda College in Darwin. "Today, on this fine opportunity, I would like to congratulate you all for this significant achievement. You all have successfully completed your program to study English Language with Kormida College. You have come for 90 days and I trust you have learnt many things", said Consul AOS on a celebration event of the visit of Saumlaki Group at Kormilda College (14/06/16).


Consul AOS also extended an appreciation to Kormilda College and the homestay families who have facilitated this program and well looked after the students and teacher from the islands of Eastern Indonesia Province. "Our little sisters and brothers have come for 90 days, they have learnt so much from you, so I thank you. You have given them something precious, but I hope they have given you something. How far away Saumlaki from Jakarta, Indonesia's capital city but so close to Darwin", he stated.


The Group arrived in Darwin on April 18th 2016 and the students were picked up by the homestay families while the teachers were accommodated at the Kormilda College staff dormitory. The main goal of this visit is not only to improve their English Language Proficiency and understanding Australia cultural aspects and lifestyle but also to promote Saumlaki and the islands of Tanimbar in West Southeast Maluku regency through its songs and dances to Darwin Community. The group had been able to participate on cultural activities in Darwin such as Indonesian Cultural Workshop and Citra Indonesia Festival in the City of Palmerston.


A week before the completion of this program, the group also had this opportunity to introduce traditional dance and song from Tanimbar on a Celebration Event organized by Kormilda College. They performed Lilike and Tanimbar Dodole in front of many audiences. Lilike is a dance that symbolizes the unity of Tanimbarese as it shows togetherness and good relationship. Tanimbar Dodole is a Tanimbar folk song which tells about peacefulness and the richness of the island.


Kormilda College Principal, Dr Helen Spiers mentioned that this program has introduced other culture to college communities and this visit has also been a successful one. "It is strengthening our link with Indonesia and it is strengthening our understanding of other culture. We have been truly blessed to have your visit and I hope that we have succeeded in giving you what you wanted from this visit", said Dr Helen.


Dr Helen also thanked the Indonesian Consulate for its hard work to assist with the program from the first visit which was in November 2015 and the current one and hopefully the future visits. "We are very pleased to receive the delegation and further talks with our staff and our Consul at the Indonesian Consulate who has played a huge role in the success of this program", she said. "We were very grateful to have those students and teachers who came in November and worked with us in the English program, day school program, also on our homestay program. So with the success of the November visit, we would very please to welcome a larger group of the teacher and students on the period of time", she added.


The principal's statement was also echoed by Ms Fay Gurr who is the International and Community Relations. "This have been a wonderful opportunity for the college to have the visitors and our neighbor in Indonesia and also now friends not only neighbor", Ms Fay said.


In the respect of a great link between Darwin and Saumlaki's Ms Nisa Amelia who is a student of SMA N 1 Tanimbar Seletan (Eastern Tanimbar High School) created a poem titled Beautiful Darwin:


Beautiful Darwin

Friendly people live there

I found smiles everywhere

Hot weather just like fire Burned my spirit


Beautiful Darwin

with beautiful wildlife,

I saw the big crocodiles smile quietly

And the cockatoos say hello to me

Then I'm sorry I have to leave,

but the kangaroos hug me


Beautiful Darwin

I'm falling in love

There's no words to explain how this feels

I don't wanna close my eyes

I just wanna see you smile Beautiful Darwin,

You are in our hearts

I hope I can come back someday


Nisa and her friends departed for Denpasar on Sunday, 19th June and continue fly to Saumlaki via Ambon. The next group is planned to undertake this program in July 2016. (JM & SD)​