Gathering with Indonesian Students in Darwin

​​An exciting gathering with students from Papua and Maluku before the start of the school holiday

It is only a week until the school break commences in the Northern Territory (NT) and for some students it is quite tense as they have to complete assignments and exams. On the other hand, many students are agonising in anticipating for a month with no school activities. The international students from Indonesia of St. John's Catholic School are very keen to spend their school break with families in Papua. Meanwhile, the exchange students are to complete their one-term program with Darwin High School (DHS) and return to Maluku.     

For the reasons above, the Indonesian Consulate organised a fun BBQ gathering with the students on a sunny Saturday afternoon (18/06/2016) in Lake Alexander – East Point to celebrate their achievements while enjoying sausages and lamb chops. This fun occasion was also used to share ideas and stories about living and studying in Darwin. Consul Andre Omer Siregar (AOS) who did not want to miss this gathering congratulated the students for the completion on this study's term. "Well, this is not formal; I heard that some of you are going home whether on school break or to continue study. I congratulated you for all hard work and study" Consul AOS said. "When you are at home, please pass my warm regards to your parents. I am hoping that I can meet them at one stage", he added.

It is not a surprise that Claritha and Margaretha cannot wait to meet their parents in Sorong Regency in Papua although it will be a long trip. They said to get to Sorong, they will have to fly via Denpasar (the capital city of Bali Province) and Timika (the capital city of Mimika Regency of Papua). Although it is long hours' flight but worthy. Meanwhile Clifton and Christopher who are now in year 10 look forward to enjoying Papeda and other Papuan food. When Consul AOS asked "Do you enjoy the food in here?", "Yes, but Papuan food is better", answered Chris who is originally from Timika. However, one thing they will miss much while on school break is playing soccer with their classmates. ​ 

Unlike the Papuan students Jevon and Astri who are on exchange program believed that the experience of studying with DHS is new and useful to them. "There are many interesting aspects in the Education System and I really enjoy studying in here. For example, I found that the guidelines to work on assignment are clear and easy to follow", said Jevon. On the same note Astri mentioned that the Education System in the NT is a bit different with Maluku but it has positively encouraged her to study more to pursue good career after she returns home.

Ms Nova who accompanies the exchange students admitted that experience of teaching Bahasa Indonesia to both high and middle school's students are remarkable. She will transfer her knowledge and utilise the teaching method to her students in Ambon after the completion of her program in December 2016.

​This gathering was also participated by Mr Ardian Budhi Nugroho, Consul for Information, Social and Cultural Affairs, Mr Daniel Sihombing Vice Consul for Protocol and Consular Affairs and the Indonesian Consulate Staff (Jeferson, Jherry, Shena, Wishnu & Yandra). Both consulate staff and the students enjoyed the talks and laughed together. The students also shared stories about their hobbies, extracurricular activities and future aspirations.  The Consulate thanks Ms Ann Tan - the International Coordinator of St. John Catholic College and the host parents of the exchange students for allowing them to participate on this casual occasion. The Consulate also send best wishes and safe holidays to all students and look forward to meeting them again in the near future. (JM)