Citra Indonesia 2016 The Extravaganza Festival in Palmerston


On 7th May 2016, the first Citra Indonesia Festival was held at Goyder Garden, Palmerston organized by the City of Palmerston in collaboration with Balai Indonesia and the Indonesian Consulate in Darwin, where Territorians experienced the Indonesian Culture, entertainment and delicious cuisine.

The event featured local and international performance including a variety of Indonesian Dance Group from Onekore Group (Ende, East Nusa Tenggara), Tunas Mekar, St John’s College Group, Saumlaki Group and Parahyangan Angklungers Group.
The people of Palmerston had the opportunity to experience Indonesian Dance such as Balinese Dance, Betawi Dance, Saumlaki Dance, Sajojo Dance and many more by these talented dancers from Indonesia.
Traditional Indonesian Musical Instrument were also being played during this event such as the Kolintang, Angklung and Gamelan.

 “I hope we can share this moment because this is the first time we have this Citra Indonesia and it was also a great opportunity for us to reconnect the unique relationship between Indonesian and Australians specially Territorians and recollect of how rich we are as a culture,” said

Mr. Andre Omer Siregar, the Indonesian Consul in Darwin. 
Also special featured was Jimmy Sogalrey, the well-known performer from Indonesia that also lived in Darwin who just released an album with EMI Indonesia who mesmerised the audience that attended the Citra Indonesia through his soul voice.

There were also several Delicious Indonesian Cuisines, such as pempek, siomay, cendol and many more being sold at the Citra Indonesia Festival where the local experienced the delicacies of Indonesian food. 
This Citra Indonesia was attended by the Minister of Education, Mr. Peter Chandler and the Mayor of Palmerston, Mr. Ian Abbott. 
Making the Citra Indonesia an unforgettable experienced were the following performers:

  1. Cindy Onekore Group
  2. Franki Kaseger & Randy Pinontoan
  3. Marlon Lekatompessy & Gina Yusuf
  4. Balinese Dance by Bali Community
  5. Tunas Mekar Group
  6. Mandy & Richard Garling
  7. St.John’s College Group
  8. K2J Group
  9. O’Loughlin College Students
  10. Parahyangan Angklungers (consisting elders from the age of 60 – 80 years old)
  11. Kormilda College – Saumlaki Students
  12. Jimmy Sogalrey​