AADC2 Brings Darwin Community Together

​​​​​​​Indonesia’s Most Beloved Film Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 Brings Darwin Community Together

The most popular Indonesia's Film Ada Apa Dengan Cinta Part 2 was screening at Casuarina Birch and Caroll Cinema in Darwin on a fine Friday evening 26 August 2016. The screening was very much anticipated by many Indonesians living in Darwin. However, a number of high school students who are studying Indonesian Language also join in with other film goers.

The project officer Lara Whitehouse from Australia-Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) mentioned that this screening is a successful project. "I am very happy to see many people are attending the Screening in Darwin. I have informed my friends in other cities in Australia that Darwin's screening is a successful one", Lara said.

AADC2 is the sequel film of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta which was successfully released in 2002. This is a classic romance film and is directed by Riri Reza. It was released in Indonesia on 28th April 2016 and has become very popular with more than 3.5 million viewers not only in Indonesia but also the neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Brunei.

Kyaw Naing who is the President of AIYA was very excited when he realized that this film was going to be screening in Australia as part of its film tour. "When I knew that AADC2 is going to tour in Australia, I accepted the offer to organize the screening in Darwin. Many of my Indonesian Friends told me that this is a well-known film", Kyaw said.

For the Indonesian Consulate the screening of the Indonesians Films is not only a great opportunity to bring Indonesians together but also to promote Indonesian Film to wider community in Darwin. Consul Andre Omer Siregar (AOS) who watched the screening was grateful to meet with many young Indonesian and Australian. "I am so glad to see more young people both Australian and Indonesia are interested in watching an Indonesian Romantic Film", Consul AOS said.

To make this event even more successful the Consulate invited students from Darwin High School, Essington School and Darwin Middle School who are learning Indonesian Language to participate. "We also invite the Indonesian Teachers to be attend", he added. 

Ms Diyah Christie – Indonesian Language Teacher of Darwin High School thanked the Indonesian Consulate for inviting the school to participate. She is hoping that her students are able not only to observe the language used in the film but also to improve their knowledge about Indonesia especially Jogjakarta where the scenes of the film were mostly taken. (JM)​