Indonesian Leading Products

Strategic Industries

PT Pindad

PT. Pindad (Persero) is a state-owned company with Vision: To become the leading producer of defense and security equipment in Asia in 2023, through product innovation and strategic partnership

PT Dirgantara Indonesia

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) is one of the indigenous aerospace companies in Asia with core competence in aircraft design and development, aircraft structure manufacturing, aircraft assembly, and aircraft services for both civilian and military of light and medium aircraft.


PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) is one of the strategic industries that produce the main tool of Indonesian defense system especially for the sea dimension. The ability and quality of design from PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) has been recognized international market. The production ships of PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) have been sailing international waters around the world.


INKA is the first fully integrated rolling stock and automotive manufacturer in Southeast Asia. INKA provides wide array of products to meet our customer diverse requirements, as well as excellent after sales services to ensure our customer received the best transportation solution. Our proudcts have spread and operated in many countries in the world, such as Bangladesh, Philiphines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and  Australia.

Best quality products


Sritex’s versatility has enabled it to penetrate the international fashion market with its top-notch international high-fashion clientele of more than 100 household name brands.


One of Indonesia’s most technologically advanced and world class manufacturer in commercial vehicle industry (specifically in the bus industry). It provides safe, innovative design, and world class quality buses in accordance with the variety of customer requirements.