Zanzibar Appreciates Islamic Development in Indonesia



?As the world most populous Moslem country, Indonesia is very famous in Zanzibar. Zanzibar appreciates Indonesia’s participation in Zanzibar Empire Islamic Festival (ZEIF) 2014, held on 18-21 December 2014, receives positive response from the people of Zanzibar.
“Indonesia is very popular in Zanzibar. Indonesian Qasida is very famous here. Every Friday, Zanzibar television plays Indonesian Qasida. We appreciate Indonesia participation in ZEIF,” said ZEIF 2014 Coordinator, Syeikh Jabir Haidar Jabir Alfarsy.
Indonesia also participates in Islamic film screening. The film “Di Bawah Lindungan Ka’Bah “ (Under the Protection of Ka’Bah) played in Maru-Maru Hotel, Friday (19/12) has enriched the understanding of Zanzibar people about Islamic values and culture in Indonesia.
“There are similarities between Indonesia and Tanzania which is shown from this film. We can see that Indonesian people still hold strong Islamic values,” said Shingida Islamic Figure, Ramadhani Samiri.
In the Photo Exhibition held at Sultan Palace Museum on 20-21 December, Indonesia showcases photos that reflect the Islamic development. The photos show Indonesia historical Islamic sites, modern mosques, Islamic education and Islamic hospital. The photo of Baiturrahman Mosque, which stands tall despite the Tsunami disaster in 2004, attracts visitors.
ZEIF is an annual festival held every December since 2010. The festival includes Islamic symposium, qasidah, Islamic film screening and photo exhibition. ZEIF 2014 Coordinator, Syeikh Jabir Haidar Jabir Alfarsy said the event aimed to build the understanding between Moslem countries and to bridge the gap between Islam and non-Moslem.