The opening of Asian Film Festival 2015 Marked Cultural Diplomacy of Asian Countries


The opening ceremony of the 10th Asian Film Festival (AFF) is held  on 8 December 2015 in Century Cinemax, Dar Free Market. Tanzanian high appreciation to the festival can be seen from the hundreds of people attending the festival during the opening day. They were excited to watch the screening of  Asian film s as well as to taste Asian culinary.
Every year, Asian countries participating in AFF serve their traditional food on the opening day. This year, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Dar es Salaam prepares Pastel, fried pastry filled with beef and vegetables and Kue Kacamata , steamed cassava cake roll with banana.
Japanese Ambassador to Tanzania, Masaki Okada, as the coordinator of this year festival in his remarks mentioned that Asian countries can utilize AFF for their cultural diplomacy improvement.
"We expect this festival can strengthen the diplomatic relation between Tanzania and Asian countries as well as become the vessel for Tanzanian to determine Asian countries’ values and their cultures," he said.
Japanese film entitled Thermae Romae marked the kick-off of the festival organized annualy by Asian Diplomats Cultural Forum. Indonesian film entitled Tabula Rasa will be screened on Wednesday, December 16, 2015. AFF 2015 is participated by nine countries; Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, the People's Republic of China, India, Pakistan, South Korea, Palestine, and Iran. The event will be held from 8-16 December 2015.​