Tanzanian Farmers Should Learn about Agriculture to Indonesia


Tanzanian Deputy Minister of Finance Adam Kighoma Ali Malima praised the development of agriculture in Indonesia. He said Tanzanian farmers should learn about agriculture to Indonesian farmers in improving the quality of crops.

“Tanzanian should learn about irrigation to Indonesia to improve the quality of their crops. Therefore, their crops will be increase from 40 to 60 bags,” said Halima in his unintentional visit to Nane Nane Festival at Morogoro, Wednesday (6/8).

Morogoro Regional Commissioner Joel Bendera said the development of Indonesian agriculture has contributed to Tanzanian future. Tanzanian farmers get many benefits from Farmers Agriculture Rural Training Centre (FARTC), established in Mkindo by Indonesian farmers through Yayasan Amal Masyarakat Petani Indonesia (YAMPI) in 1996. Through FARTC, Indonesian agriculture experts provide training for Tanzanian farmers. 

Ambassador of Republic of Indonesia Zakaria Anshar who invited as the guest of Honour to Nane Nane Festival due to Indonesia contribution in developing Tanzanian agriculture encouraged Tanzanian government efforts in improving its agriculture.

“Tanzanian government has done many things to improve the agriculture. I can see the effort in this festival. As an agricultural country, Indonesia will support Tanzania as Tanzanian economy depends heavily on agriculture which accounts for more than 25 percent of  GDP, provides 85 percent of export and employs 80 percent of the work force,” he said.

Nane Nane, the agricultural festival, is one of public holiday in Tanzania held on August (the 8th of the 8th month). Nane Nane exhibition is a national event celebrated to recognize farmers contribution to Tanzanian economy. It provides farmers and stake holders to exchange knowledge and business.

Nane Nane is celebrated in 7 zones: Northern Arusha, Eastern Morogoro, Lake Mwanza, Highland Mbeya, Southern Lindi and Songea, Western Tabora, and Central Dodoma from 1st – 8th of August, annually. 

Agriculture plays important role in Tanzanian economy. Agriculture provides 85 percent of export with the cash crop such as coffee, tea, cotton, cashews, sisal, and pyrethrum account for the majority of export earnings. ?