Promoting Indonesia through DSG


?Diplomatic spouses who live in Tanzania build friendship and try to help unfortunate people. In Diplomatic Spouses Group (DSG) general meeting at the residence of Indonesian Ambassador to Tanzania located in Dar es Salaam, Wednesday (1/10), they plan to arouse the breast cancer awareness for Tanzanian. They will conduct Breast Cancer Awareness morning on Wednesday (22/10). The guest speakers are Dr Kombe, an oncologist, and 2 breast cancer survivors. 

The wife of Indonesian Ambassador Siti Hamidah Mahali benefited this meeting to introduce Indonesian culture, tradition, and cuisine. Besides the screening of tourism video, Indonesian traditional food; Onde-Onde (Sesame Seeds Ball) and Otak-Otak (Grilled Fish Cake in Banana Leaves) were served in the meeting.

“DSG brings many benefits for its member. Besides making friends from other countries you also helping other people and promoting Indonesian. People will get to know more about Indonesia by participating in every activity,” she said. 

DSG is a non pro?t organization comprised of spouses of diplomats working in Tanzania. Our mandate is to be a social and charitable organization which is non-political, non-governmental, and non-pro?t. The funds raised by our organization are distributed between different charity projects around Tanzania.